OnDemandÂ’s Desktop Availability Suite Launches, Providing System Administrators with a Single Tool for MSI Packaging, Software Distribution, Inventory Management, Patch Management, PC Migration, License Compliance, Backup and Restore and Remote Client Reset

OnDemand Software Extends Market Leadership with Easy to Use Integrated Desktop Management Suite

No Add-On Modules or Connectors Required

Bonita Springs, Florida—July 28, 2004—OnDemand Software, a well known leader in desktop management solutions, today announced the general availability of the Desktop Availability Suite. The Desktop Availability Suite provides a complete, integrated management solution designed by system administrators for system administrators to manage the lifecycle of the corporate desktop. Integrating critical, yet time consuming tasks such as patch management, software installation, PC migration, MSI packaging, backup and restore, hardware and software inventory, remote client reset and software license management creates immediate savings of IT budget dollars and man hours associated with these tasks.

A Broader Set of Integrated functions

Companies are putting more demands on IT at a time of aggressive cost-cutting and staffing shortages creating even more pressures for system administrators. By implementing a single, integrated solution without the need to purchase costly add-ons and connectors enterprises have the ability to now manage the corporate desktop instead of managing multiple tools or add-ons.

According to Forrester Research Industry Analyst David Friedlander, "Firms that are using multiple tools for desktop and mobile client management should move to a single management tool for core functions, and fill in possible gaps such as migration or recovery with niche products. Consolidating client management tools and integrating support processes will reduce training costs, infrastructure requirements and overall support costs by 30 percent or more, and ultimately increase customer (or end user) satisfaction. Investing in a client management suite also allows IT to add functionality within a single tool instead of buying discrete tools when new requirements arise." ("Market Overview: Client Systems Management," June 19, 2003)

A Suite Solution: Desktop Availability Suite Features and Benefits

OnDemand Software is driving down costs and simplifying desktop management by delivering on the promise of a single source of desktop management: One product storing all data in one database allowing all functions to work seamlessly together. OnDemand Software has implemented a single system that integrates all the features found in multiple niche products under one product without requiring additional modules or costly connectors. New features and benefits include:

PC Migration is fully integrated in the Desktop Availability Suite. PC Migration is powered by the Tranxition PC Migration engine allowing administrators to:

• Remotely transfer application settings and data for all the users from one PC to another

• Backup user personalities and locally saved data from a single PC to a repository

• Restore the user personalities and locally saved data from a repository to a PC

• Create migration policies for those application settings, preferences, and Windows options as well as the data to backup, which can be applied directly to a single machine or to a group of machines, such as an Active Directory OU

• Reset remote clients by installing the operating system and application load set, restoring the user personality and locally saved data, and then inventorying the desktop asset postmigration to continue the lifecycle management of the machine

MSI Packaging was pioneered by OnDemand Software. The concept of software packaging and our years of experience show in dozens of technically advanced, industry-leading features only found in the Desktop Availability Suite. With the Desktop Availability Suite, you can easily migrate applications to Windows Installer (.MSI) and much more through exclusive quality assurance tools, project and data

management, repackaging, customization, validation and automatic correction and file level inventory, integration. In return you receive error-free, high-quality, reliable deployments that dramatically cut your packaging efforts.

Inventory Based Distribution allows administrators to see all of the machines and or users

that you they are working with. Software distribution becomes easier to use than ever before. Targeting machines for delivery can take place directly from the Desktop Availability Suite console in 8 different methods. Any information obtained via inventory scan can be used to distribute applications. In addition, administrators can automatically discover the Active Directory properties of both users and systems, including organizational unit container and group level membership. Software packages can then be targeted based on these Active Directory attributes.

Patch Management enables administrators to proactively manage patches and software updates by fully automating the collection, analysis, distribution and installation of patches across your enterprise, no matter what size. An easy to use Patch Wizard is also provided as is auto harvesting of all patches and bulletins.

A single database schema provides for high data integrity. A single database storing all data in one database allows all functions to work seamlessly together. Oracle, MSDE, or SQL are supported. Client level licensing is not required.

Remote Client Reset provides complete restoration of one or more PC’s – O/S, applications, personalities and locally saved data. Ongoing PC refresh, disaster recovery and unstable client machine repair are now possible through a single, integrated product.

Backup and Restore now works with PC Migration for disaster recovery where locally saved data and user personality may need to be replaced or even in the situation where Windows becomes unstable and a complete client reset is more useful than dispatching technicians to desktops to troubleshoot and repair the Windows environment. OnDemand Software continues its quest to remove the need to visit a desktop to solve any software issues.

Operating System Management automates many of the manual, repetitive tasks associated with operating system migrations including migration planning, O/S settings migration, application provisioning, ongoing deployment status checks and continued O/S lifecycle management. Administrators can now move to a new operating system faster, with fewer resources and less disruption to their environment.

Hardware and Software Inventory in the Desktop Availability Suite shows relationships between applications and files used by applications. Much more than a static asset management reporting product administrators now have real inventory based software distribution, inventory comparison, license compliance checking and much more.

OnDemand Software products allow enterprises to reduce total cost of ownership and improve quality of service by streamlining desktop management lifecycle.

"The Desktop Availability Suite provides an alternative to competing desktop management products offered by vendors that are more interested in charging you for every module and function you need,” said Jack Palmer, CEO of OnDemand Software. Palmer adds, “there is little reason to pay $50 to $70 per machine in what is becoming a commoditized product market. We are providing best in class features, completely integrated at half the cost. We believe this is what the IT administrative market has been asking for."

"More and more organizations who are automating the PC Migration process are also implementing a comprehensive systems management suite like OnDemand’s DAS at the same time. They do this because they realize they need more than just the tools to get through the migration itself, and DAS offers cost-effective multifunctional capabilities for long-term infrastructure management. We are delighted to have OnDemand integrate our technology into their Desktop Availability Suite in order to reduce desktop support costs and ensure high user availability”, said Dan Sivinski, CEO of Tranxition.

Pricing and Availability

The Desktop Management Suite is available today with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $25 (USD) per machine. The Desktop Availability Suite can be purchased from the vast number of global reseller partners. To locate a partner please visit

If you would like to try the Desktop Availability Suite FREE for 30-days please go to or call OnDemand Software at 1-239-495-0541.

About OnDemand Software, Inc.

OnDemand’s WinINSTALL product family, winner of 19 industry awards, is used to institute and maintain desktop standards, automating the installation of operating systems, content and application load sets to networked and remote PCs. OnDemand customers – small, medium and enterprise IT environments – report a substantial return on investment (ROI) and a reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO). OnDemand Software is committed to continuing its leadership role in the desktop lifecycle management market. Over 10,000 companies worldwide, supporting millions of desktops use OnDemand products.

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