Pc Migration System integral part of new Desktop Availability Suite

Bonita Springs, Florida—July 28, 2004—OnDemand Software, a well known leader in desktop management solutions, today announced the general availability it’s PC Migration System, the IT industry’s most robust PC migration solution. OnDemand’s PC Migration System is designed for IT professionals. Migration solutions today have been targeted toward consumers where migrating a PC is a one-time event. The corporate requirements for migration are much more than tackling the monumental task of migrating large numbers of machines from a legacy operating system to a new operating system.

The new WinINSTALL Desktop Availability Suite supports the day to day requirements of PC refresh, mass PC migration, and disaster recovery all from an easy to use PC migration rules based engine. No other PC migration solution today has thought of the multiple requirements that administrators have in managing the lifecycle of desktop environments. The Desktop Availability Suite also provides the first solution that leverages inventory management, distribution, enterprise replication and operating system installation to provide a comprehensive yet easy to use solution that is priced correctly for the market.

“Some form of PC migration or PC upgrade takes place nearly every day in the enterprise. Migration has often been thought of as a one time event that is associated with the major project of moving a large number of corporate PCs from a legacy Windows platform to a new operating system platform such as the move to Windows XP. PC migration also should not be thought of as a one time event, but a day to day management of the PC environment assuring desktop availability over the lifecycle of all the machines.” said Jack Palmer, President and CEO of OnDemand Software.

“With the relatively short life cycle of PCs-usually only two to three years-many administrators and end users find themselves using multiple products and processes every time their company upgrades which leads to projects coming in over budget not to mention loss productivity related to the time necessary to complete a migration.” added Palmer.

OnDemandÂ’s PC Migration System allows administrators to:

• Transfer applications and data from one PC to another PC

• Backup user personalities and locally saved data from a single PC to a repository

• Restore user personalities and locally saved data from a single PC to a repository

• Create Policies of settings, preferences, options of the operating system and applications as well as type of data backup that can be applied directly to a single machine or to a group of machines such as an Active Directory OU

• Distribute policies of the settings, preferences, options of the operating system and applications as well as type of data backup that can be restored to a single machine or to a group of machines such as an Active Directory OU

• Reset client’s remotely allowing administrators to install operating systems, application load set, restoration of user personalities, locally saved data and inventory the asset post migration to continue the lifecycle management of the machine

All of the above functions are important in the day-to-day management of the desktop environment and should leverage all other functions such as MSI packaging, software distribution, operating system installation, asset and inventory management, patch management and provide a single reporting engine across all areas. What is also important about the release of the Desktop Availability Suite is the licensing and pricing. Too many desktop management suites today are over priced, too complicated to implement and often require the licensing of multiple add-on modules to gain the functionality required. At an average of $25 per machine the Desktop Availability Suite provides the best priced solution without compromising functionality and quality. Most solutions today reach $50 - $70 per machine and have much more complex implementation with identical functionality. The Desktop Availability Suite offers a great value for all size customers including the enterprise.

"The definition of “PC Migration” has been used incorrectly for quite some time. Real PC Migration is the process of backing up the personality of the operating system and core applications, backing up the locally saved data, installing the new operating system on the machine, installing the new applications that support that operating system or are also needed on the machine, and so forth. PC migration should not be thought of as a one-time event, but a day-to-day management of the PC environment that assures desktop availability over the lifecycle of all the machines. “, said Paul Pieske, VP Marketing of OnDemand Software.

Pricing and Availability

OnDemand SoftwareÂ’s PC Migration System is available today with the WinINSTALL Desktop Availability Suite. Current WinINSTALL customers can easily upgrade to the full suite by visiting or by calling sales at (239) 495-0541.

About OnDemand Software, Inc.

OnDemand’s WinINSTALL product family, winner of 19 industry awards, is used to institute and maintain desktop standards, automating the installation of operating systems, content and application load sets to networked and remote PCs. OnDemand customers – small, medium and enterprise IT environments – report a substantial return on investment (ROI) and a reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO). OnDemand Software is committed to continuing its leadership role in the desktop lifecycle management market. Over 10,000 companies worldwide, supporting millions of desktops use OnDemand products.

For more information on OnDemand, please see or call Paul Pieske at 239/495-0541.