New OnDemand Software Patch Management System now available at no additional cost to current OnDemand WinINSTALL customers

Bonita Springs, Florida—July 28, 2004— OnDemand Software, a well known leader in desktop management solutions, today announced the general availability of the new OnDemand Patch Management System that seamlessly integrates with WinINSTALL 8.5 and the WinINSTALL Desktop Availability Suite. By integrating automated patch management and vulnerability assessment with MSI Packaging, Software Distribution, PC Migration and Asset Management, OnDemand is pioneering integrated desktop management methodologies that allow all of these functions to work together thus eliminating the need for stand alone products, add-on’s or connectors.

The OnDemand Patch Management System is now available at no additional cost to current OnDemand Software WinINSTALL customers. The new solution helps save time by automating the manual processes for distribution of critical patches to desktops, laptops and servers. According to a Gartner research note, "Security demands will drive a new focus on highly proactive vulnerability management. Near-continuous scanning will rapidly become a standard enterprise requirement as security administrators struggle to stay ahead of vulnerabilities that are introduced by software vendors, as well as configuration errors committed by internal personnel." (Security Demands Drive Shift to Vulnerability Management, M. Nicolett, J. Pescatore, 19 November 2003)

OnDemandÂ’s Patch Management System: Cost Savings, Ease of Use and Accelerated Security Protection Benefit Organizations of all sizes The Desktop Administrator of a well known cosmetics company knows first hand the impact proactive patch management can have on an organization. When word of the MS Blaster virus appeared, he used the OnDemand Patch Management Suite to quickly identify which machines needed the patch. In a matter of a few hours he deployed the patch to the organizations entire desktop community thus eliminating a serious security threat.

The OnDemand Patch Management System provides systems administrators the functionality to completely automate the patch management process, allowing them to set priorities regarding what applications to monitor, assess and automatically identify certain vulnerabilities, automatically download and test the correct patch before distributing it to targeted systems and then auditing the process to ensure patches were properly distributed and installed. Features of the new OnDemand Patch Management System include:

Simple, Drag-n-Drop Patch Management interface allows you to precisely control which machines or groups of machines will be scanned, by what criteria and when and how patches are distributed. Just set your options, click and distribute, OnDemand or scheduled. Provides validation to assure patches are applied successfully.

The flexibility of our Patch Management function allows administrators to work with patches in multiple ways, including patch criticality, patch grouping, patch type, annotation, machine grouping, machine and deployment templates and more. The solution consists of a central, extensible repository that stores various operating systems and application patches, as well as improved installation inventory and specific software update distribution options.

All The Features You Would Expect In a Patch Management Solution and Beyond

• Push AND pull patch deployment from a single console. 8 ways to deliver patches.

• Drag-n-Drop interface

• Patch installation tracking

• Vulnerability assessment

• Auto-update

• Microsoft severity reporting

• Offline support

• Annotation capabilities

• Popular network directory integration (Active Directory etc.)

• Create baseline patch configurations

• Manage by patch criticality

• Patch management policy

• View detailed information about each patch directly from a single console

Integrated Approach – One Product, One Console, One Database

• Easy to use GUI provides a broad range of time saving patch management schemes.

• Auto-Harvesting of Microsoft patch database. Not just O/S but all Microsoft tools.

• Bulletin Data View. Distribute patches to any or all affected machines.

• Powerful file based patch installation validation enables you to be absolutely sure your security patches are properly applied - an industry first, and security critical.

• Automated patch downloads

• Full reports

• Microsoft patches validated to assure they have not been tampered with.

• Supports scanning and pushing of patches to 1000s of computers from a single console.

• Integrated with Asset Management. Inventory Hotfix level of all applications.

• SQL or Oracle based database

• Scheduled and immediate remote patch installations, and schedule vulnerability scans.

• Shared relational database storage.

• Command line support.

• Pass Patch templates to servers across the WAN via Replication services.

"It’s without doubt that all enterprises today are concerned about worm and virus attacks. Up until now stand alone patch management software has been the norm. Up until now an ‘Add-on Module” has been the norm. Why pay $10.00-$20.00 per desktop extra when your patch management function can be included with your desktop availability solution," said Jack Palmer, President and CEO of OnDemand Software. "The seamless integration of automated vulnerability assessment and patch management saves valuable time and money while completing this necessary operation. We have listened to our customers' requirements and have delivered a solution that combines the functionality of an automated patch management system with a robust desktop management suite.", said Paul Pieske, Vice President of Marketing and New Business Development of OnDemand Software.

Pricing and Availability

The OnDemand Patch Management System integrates seamlessly into version 8.5 of WinINSTALL and the new Desktop Availability Suite and is not sold as an add-on or connector. WinINSTALL 8.5 and the Desktop Availability Suite are available for download at or by calling sales at (239) 495-0541.

About OnDemand Software, Inc.

OnDemand’s WinINSTALL product family, winner of 19 industry awards, is used to institute and maintain desktop standards, automating the installation of operating systems, content and application load sets to networked and remote PCs. OnDemand customers – small, medium and enterprise IT environments – report a substantial return on investment (ROI) and a reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO). OnDemand Software is committed to continuing its leadership role in the desktop lifecycle management market. Over 10,000 companies worldwide, supporting millions of desktops use OnDemand products. For more information on OnDemand, please see or call Paul Pieske at 239/495-0541.