Asset Management Systems should be much more than traditional static asset management reporting OnDemand Software Asset Management System seamlessly integrated in WinINSTALL 8.5 and Desktop Availability Suite

Bonita Springs, Florida—July 28, 2004— OnDemand Software, a well known leader in desktop management solutions, today announced the general availability of it’s Asset Management System, a new solution that proactively manages assets and lowers desktop management costs.

Unlike other solutions that may handle traditional hardware/software inventory, software usage and license management, OnDemand SoftwareÂ’s Asset Management System goes way beyond traditional asset management tools. While asset management is a benefit of the new inventory management functions we now provide new ways to allow inventory to help you manage the availability of machines.

On the software side administrators can obtain an inventory of all applications installed on the machine, inventory on all MSI packages introduced to the database and all the files on the machine. Administrators now have a complete “bill of materials” of all machines. A very complete file level and application level inventory is now provided.

Custom asset tracking fields may be used within the asset management capability of WinINSTALL 8.5 and the Desktop Availability Suite for the inventory of non-discoverable fixed assets and computers in a single database. When combined with the data gathered by hardware and software inventory, administrators can assign assets a location, contact, cost and other data and associate them with clients in the database for simplified management of all corporate assets.

Beyond Traditional Asset Management Tools

OnDemand SoftwareÂ’s Asset Management System is included with the award winning WinINSTALL 8.5 and Desktop Availability Suite products. No costly add-on modules or connectors are required. Features include:

• Automatically recognizes tens of thousands of hardware and software products without requiring a database of application products that relies on updates to remain accurate

• Discovers and reports on network devices, including printers, hubs, routers, faxes and many more

• Real file level inventory

• Capture and record each machine’s IP address and subnet mask

• Serial number tracking

• RAM slot tracking

• Shows relationship between applications/files used by application

• Recognizes and reports on hot fixes and security patches

• Lists virus engines and virus definition files

• Inventory process runs “OnDemand” or can be easily customized

• Unlimited user-defined fields allow collection of important corporate data

• Multiple scheduling options (daily, weekly, monthly, etc)

• Tracks asset history and trends

• Multiple inventory kick-off options

• Hundreds of built in reports and real-time queries

• Integrates well with popular help desks for problem resolution

Added Bonus: License Compliance Checking

The Asset Management System includes license compliance checking to control software usage and licensing and, when used in conjunction with hardware and software inventory, discovers the physical locations of applications on the network and correlates which of these applications are actually used and how often. Using this data, unused software licenses can be reclaimed, discontinued or reassigned.

License Compliance features allow administrators to:

• Easily compile statistics about installed software applications, used applications against the licensed count on desktops and laptops across the enterprise

• Verify license compliance and reduce or eliminate the costs of software licensing audits and violations through easily accessible, up-to-the-minute reports on actual application usage

• Tracks license costs

• Gain control of software costs through automatic software usage monitoring

• Understand what licenses are being used and how often

• Reconciles installations with purchases

• Uninstall over-distributed and under-utilized applications based on business requirements, monitor license compliance and reduce licensing costs

• Report on the percentages of uninstalled applications, unknown usage, inactive use, and active uses of the license

“Our Asset Management System gives IT administrators the ability to manage and control their hardware and software environment to increase productivity and reduce costs,” said Jack Palmer, President and CEO of OnDemand Software. “Asset management is an integrated part of our WinINSTALL 8.5 and Desktop Availability Suite products allowing administrators to meet the best practices suggested by leading industry experts.”

Pricing and Availability

OnDemand SoftwareÂ’s Asset Management System is available today with both the WinINSTALL 8.5 and Desktop Availability Suite products. Current WinINSTALL customers can easily upgrade to the full suite by visiting or by calling sales at (239) 495-0541.

About OnDemand Software, Inc. OnDemand’s WinINSTALL product family, winner of 19 industry awards, is used to institute and maintain desktop standards, automating the installation of operating systems, content and application load sets to networked and remote PCs. OnDemand customers – small, medium and enterprise IT environments – report a substantial return on investment (ROI) and a reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO). OnDemand Software is committed to continuing its leadership role in the desktop lifecycle management

market. Over 10,000 companies worldwide, supporting millions of desktops use OnDemand products.

For more information on OnDemand, please see or call Paul Pieske at 239/495-0541.