We are excited to announce the 2nd Quarter Release of KACE Cloud MDM which includes many powerful features such as:

  1. App Management for Android (Google Play for Work) - silently push (or remove) and configure applications for Android devices.
  2. VPN Configuration for both iOS and Android - create secure connections over public networks.  Create, edit, delete, deploy and update VPN configurations.
  3. Passcode Policy Library Administrators can create and save new policies that can be applied to a set of devices.
  4. iOS Supervised ModeThe iOS Supervised Mode is a device state that allows devices to be more deeply controlled compared to a normally enrolled device.
  5. iOS Device Enrollment Program (DEP)streamline the process of controlling the deployment of iOS and MacOS devices to users.
  6. Availability in EMEA - Customer residing in EMEA can now purchase KACE Cloud MDM.

KACE Cloud MDM - Additional Information