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KACE Cloud MDM - Q4CY2018 Update-3 - Label Management and Managed Configuration for iOS

In our latest release we are introducing two new features to KACE Cloud MDM: Label Management and Managed Configuration for iOS. In addition to new features, updates have been added to the product, including updated browser support for Apple Safari 12+, support for new iOS 12 restrictions and new DEP Profile screen settings, and a new Guide to Using the Apple Device Enrollment Program that provides an in-depth conceptual background and further clarifies the setup process.

Label Management is a tool for creating specific groups of users or devices that can quickly be referenced using filters. Label Management lets a device administrator organize users and devices by tagging them with a textual label that can quickly be referenced using filters. Once a label is associated with a user or a device, it may be used in the filter bar to locate the users and/or devices. Learn more in documentation

Managed Configuration for iOS lets an admin control and configure settings before an app is deployed to an iOS device—these saved configurations are then available for re-use in future deployments. When adding an app to the library, KACE Cloud MDM will identify any AppConfig.xml files and enable configuration of designated key values. All apps with managed configuration capabilities are represented with a gear icon in the library and have an 'Edit Settings' capability enabled. Learn more in documentation

Apps that do not provide a discoverable AppConfig.xml file to KACE Cloud MDM may still offer the file, but it will need to be retrieved by an admin and uploaded manually. An admin can also create an AppConfig.xml file and upload it manually for a specific app.
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KACE Cloud MDM - Q3CY2018 Update-3 - Negative Search Filters

We are pleased to announce the September 2018 update to KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager. In this release, we maintained a design that is familiar and easy-to-use while making our search more comprehensive and powerful. With KACE Cloud MDM, all data is connected, so you can search for any user or device using any attribute of related data. What's new is our negative search filters that allow you to search for users and devices that don't meet specific criteria or have a particular attribute.


How to Use Negative Search Filters

Let’s say you want to find all devices that don’t have a specific configuration installed, or all users whose devices haven’t checked in within the last week.

Using the Devices or Users filter in the left-hand panel, enter the search criteria that you want excluded from the search and click the minus button. The criteria will be added to the filter list at the top of the page, and your results will be updated. This feature is helpful when you need to check for device compliance and uniformity within your managed users and devices.

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KACE Cloud MDM - Q3CY2018 Update-2 - Paid App License Support & Local EMEA Instance

We are pleased to announce the August 2018 update to KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager.  This update includes support for paid apps through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Google’s Managed Play Store.  In addition, our European customers can now choose to have their data hosted in our new European Data Center.

Paid App Licenses

Customers can use KACE Cloud MDM to manage app licenses purchased through iTunes or the Play store.  For iOS, you can now connect your MDM subscription to Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP), then assign those licenses to users or devices.  For Android, your MDM subscription was connected to the Managed Play Store when you created your Managed Play Organization.  KACE Cloud MDM now synchronizes app license information from both sources and lets an administrator assign and reclaim licenses.  This functionality gives the device administrator full control over the lifecycle of app purchases and visibility into license allocation.

European Data Center

KACE Cloud MDM is now live in Europe. Although our European customers have been able to purchase the product for some time, their data was stored in a US-based data center. As of this release, new KACE Cloud MDM subscriptions for European customers will be automatically provisioned in our European data center, located in The Netherlands.  In addition to the reduced latency, customers will have peace of mind that corporate and institutional data will remain in the EU.  Note that SMA customers in Europe will need to contact support to request an update to allow the SMA to talk to the European data center.

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KACE Cloud MDM - Q3CY2018 Update-1 - iOS Profile Management

The first update of Q3CY18 is now available for KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager (MDM). The latest update includes iOS Profile Management.  KACE Cloud MDM improves mobile device management flexibility with the ability to wirelessly deploy imported profiles created by Apple Configurator 2. 

Besides creating, management and distribution of iOS profiles within KACE Cloud MDM solution, this release allows imported iOS profiles created by Apple Configurator 2 to be managed and distributed as well.  

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