Boca Raton, Fl, Oct 1, 2002 – CrossTec Corporation ( today announced the release of NetOp Remote Control v7.5. This new version of the world’s third largest remote control software application, boasts support for the widest range of operating platforms, enhanced security, inventory and asset management and an extensive list of valuable new features all targeted at ensuring fast, simple and secure remote control for global enterprises.

“Most of our blue-chip customers need to support a heterogeneous IT infrastructure built on both new and legacy systems, plus an increasing number of hand-held mobile devices,” says Kim Macallan, Product Manager for NetOp Remote Control. “They choose NetOp Remote Control because they know it will let them quickly and easily control systems our competitors simply don’t support.”

In addition to supporting virtually every Windows platform, NetOp Remote Control v7.5 now allows a user to remote control Linux and Solaris servers, even when using hand-held Windows CE devices or, for example, a Nokia Communicator. This degree of flexibility is proving increasingly valuable in business environments, especially where mobility is a key competitive parameter.

“Remote control is now being deployed worldwide as a complementary component of management and help desk solutions.” Says Stephen Drake, Program Manager, Mobile Infrastructure Software at IDC. “Providing cross-platform support and security are essential for doing this effectively. NetOp Remote Control has proven itself repeatedly in both these areas.”

With the new release, NetOp has also once again raised the standard for data security on remote control applications. Not only does it offer the strongest level of encryption available, a Security Server module is available for fault-tolerant centralized control of authentication and user rights, and event-based audit trails.

“Using remote control to increase business efficiency and reduce operating costs is pointless if it compromises network security. NetOp is committed to providing the best possible security with our product, and has invested considerable resources towards achieving this goal,” says Kim Macallan.

Speed remains a defining characteristic for NetOp Remote Control, even in situations where bandwidth is limited such as in wireless and mobile environments. The applicationÂ’s tight modular code, outstanding screen transfer algorithm and rapid screen updates has earned NetOp numerous independent performance awards. The new NetOp v7.5 consolidates NetOpÂ’s unrivalled position when it comes to speed and stability.

Among the extensive list of new features for NetOp Remote Control v7.5 is an inventory function designed for asset management. The inventory feature allows details of installed hardware and software to be gathered remotely, saved to an XML file, and conveniently displayed in a hierarchical view or exported to external applications for processing. Other new features include a new host user interface, XML configuration, setup wizard, and mouse wheel support.

Independent product comparisons and performance tests document NetOpÂ’s superior performance, security features and platform support. But Kim Macallan also points to another key factor driving NetOpÂ’s continued growth in this competitive market.

“Attracting and retaining the types of enterprises that make up our core business demands more than just superior technology. NetOp is also committed to maintaining our reputation for providing world-class service and support. Customers know they can rely on us to be there for them – both right now by accessing, for example, our extensive support offerings, plus long-term as a reliable business partner.”

NetOpÂ’s customer list includes global heavyweights such as the worldÂ’s largest retail chain, the worldÂ’s largest government security organization and worldÂ’s largest small package delivery service.

New customers can download a free full-function trial version of NetOp Remote Control v7.5 from the companyÂ’s website at For a limited period, CrossTec is also offering existing customers an extra 25% rebate on top of their normal upgrade discount through December 15 of this year.

About CrossTec

CrossTec Corporation, founded in 1996, is the resource in North America for the award-winning NetOp family of remote management and training software products. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, CrossTec Corporation provides sales and support through a network of authorized resellers to larger corporations, organizations and educational institutions. CrossTec has been nominated the past two years as South FloridaÂ’s Top Software Company and is proud to be a member of CompTIA, The Help Desk Institute and is a CMP Channel Advocate.

Note: In the IDC report "Worldwide Remote Control/Remote Access Software Market Forecast and Analysis, 2000-2005" from October 2001, Danware is recognized as the world's third largest supplier of remote control software and NetOp as the fastest growing remote control product.

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