Now that an extensive testing phase has been completed successfully, enteo is bringing out a new release of its core product, enteo NetInstall. Key features of the software and client management solutionÂ’s version 5.8 include secure and user-friendly MSI (Microsoft Installer) support, tools to simplify and speed up the packaging and configuration of applications as well as a more intuitive user interface.

The packaging and distribution of MSI-based applications is now handled by the new MSI Spy feature. This runs the complete MSI installation sequence and compiles all the entries and adjustments into an MST (Microsoft Transform) file so that the applications are automatically packaged and ready for distribution.

The new solution also includes functions to simplify and speed up the creation of packages for configuration changes and legacy applications. The use of snapshot processes can deliver time savings of as much as 50 percent.

Another area where the new solution offers significant efficiency gains is in the transfer of data to mobile devices. Regardless of where they are working, mobile users will now always have the latest software versions installed on their machines. enteo NetInstall 5.8 automatically selects the most suitable distribution point, and if a download is interrupted for any reason, it can be resumed at any time and from any location.

Rule-based software allocation is also much easier with enteo NetInstall 5.8, since computers and users are assigned to static or dynamic groups with a simple drag & drop procedure. The advantage of a rule-based system is that software and configuration management can be fully automated, reacting dynamically to any changes in the IT environment.

enteo NetInstall 5.8Â’s comprehensive set of functionalities is controlled via a new web-based application, the enteo Management Portal. This enables the whole range of enteo software solutions to be managed from a single easy-to-use interface. Thanks to its intuitive design and transparent structures, installing new PCs or allocating software is now a straightforward procedure even for those with no IT expertise.