Deliver software patches securely - in days not months - with the Camwood Patch Management Assessment Service

Effective patch management and deployment has now been revolutionised by Camwood, the UKÂ’s leading enterprise application packaging company. By taking a patch, prior to deployment, Camwood can assess it against a desktop estate and see exactly where application conflicts will occur before the patch is deployed.

This reduces patch testing from months to days.

Recent research in the industry has shown that patching software flaws is still far too difficult for many organisations, and companies are being left vulnerable because they are lagging behind on applying critical updates.

The web based reporting tools provided with Camwood’s service will enable an organisation to see what impact a patch’s future deployment will have on its operating environment. Detailed risk information, showing which applications are likely to be affected by a patch, against a severity rating, will enable companies to better focus their testing efforts, reduce the manual testing of patches, and improve the reliability of patch deployments. Mike Welling, Commercial Director at Camwood, said of the launch, ”Our new service is set to revolutionise the industry, because we have found a way to help companies keep on top of patch management. With somewhere in the region of 11 new security vulnerabilities being reported every day, this type of risk management service is essential for organisations that have to find ways to become less vulnerable to security attack.”

“ We are well aware that none of our competitors can provide the depth of application management and control that we at Camwood can. This service is one of a range of services we are developing as part of our aim to help companies achieve a secure managed desktop”, added Mike.


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