1.1 Increased international market penetration and revenue growth

1.2 drive name change to unify branding, heighten visibility

Expansion into international markets and continued revenue growth have spurred Germany-based system management software provider NetSupport Inc. to change its name to enteo Software Inc., effective today. North American sales of NetSupportÂ’s NetInstall enterprise application distribution and inventory software have jumped more than 100 percent since U.S. headquarters opened in 2000.

enteo Software makes software that eliminates the expensive, time-consuming programming other products require to install, integrate and manage Microsoft Windows-based software, and operating systems (OSs). In four years, the drive for increased efficiency, security and affordability in enterprise software management convinced 300 customers such as Kohler Co., Roche Pharmaceutical, First USA Bank, Dana Corporation and Oxy Services to deploy NetInstall. This momentum mirrors the growth that NetSupport Inc. has experienced globally since its founding in 1995.

Under its new name, enteo Software currently has a 22 percent market share and is the market leader in software distribution and inventory in Germany. The software producer has more than 100 employees today, and a 40 percent average annual sales increase per year since 1998. enteo plans to open an office in Zurich, Switzerland this month, with other new international operations to open shortly.

enteo changed its name to unify its corporate and product brands while heightening its global visibility. The new company name comes from the Latin term “entheatus,” meaning “to be thrilled or delighted by something.”

“NetInstall quickly penetrated Europe and North America because it addressed a longstanding need for system management solutions that streamlined software rollout, reduced the need for complex custom coding and closed security holes by automating patch management,” said Markus Foerster, manager of enteo Software Inc. “As enteo, the software will continue to expand globally. The new name underscores our mission to keep customers enthusiastic about our products and the benefits they provide. As a company, we will continue to develop products that enable users to quickly install and maintain the vast assortment of programs on any number of PCs using remote-controlled, automated procedures.”

About enteo Software Inc.

Founded in Filderstadt, Germany, in 1995, enteo Software Inc. develops system management software. In the areas software distribution and inventory the company is the German market leader with a market share of 22 percent*. enteo’s mantra, “point – click – manage” reflects its mission to develop intuitive software solutions that substantially simplify software distribution and administration. The company runs branch offices in Munich and Zurich and operates its U.S. headquarters in Chicago.

* Market study “Client-Management 2004”, deron Systemhaus Inc..