Did your week look like this?

. . . days and nights spent updating servers and workstations to rid your environment of the Blaster Worm.

. . . forced to shutdown your firewall for days to prevent additional damage.

. . . multiple sources telling you what to fix and how you were infected.

. . . no one offered an automated solution to use the MS hotfix and cleanup tools available everywhere on the internet.

NSSI Can Help ¯ We offer a special evaluation version of NetInstall to clean up the Blaster Worm mess along with prepackaged scripts that deploy the MS Hotfix and delete the footprints of this harmful Worm.

NetInstall Automation ¯ NetInstall was developed by Administrators years ago to automate their daily tasks. Today our product is capable of much more - yet dealing with a virus is one of it's most basic capabilities.

Deploy Hotfixes, Service Packs and More ¯ If you have an executable, we can run it - regardless of whether you granted local admin rights to your users or not.

Powerful Scripts ¯ NetInstall employs over 140 dialog-driven script commands to simplify your task automation. Stop Service - Run Executables - Delete Registry Keys - Delete Files - Restart Machines - Check OS Version - are just a few examples used in the scripts we have prepared to clean up your Blaster Worm mess.

We Can Provide Onsite Assistance ¯ If you need help dealing with a worm or virus outbreak, a member of our team of experts can visit you onsite and provide an automated solution. Call toll-free 1-866-534 4100

It should NOT take you longer than 1 hour!