ManageSoft Corporation, a world leader in software configuration management solutions, today delivered support for Red Hat Linux for the automatic deployment, updating and management of software applications and security patches. Linux support is immediately available for ManageSoft customers to enable them to successfully manage their growing number of Linux devices as effectively as their Windows desktops, servers and mobile devices from one central IT location.

Walter Elliot, CEO of ManageSoft says that his customers have been asking for Linux support and believes that Linux is growing in popularity in many business environments.

“Our customers are beginning to adopt Linux as a complement to their existing Windows environments, creating cyber diversity. As a result, IT managers have asked for a cross-platform software deployment, security patch management and asset tracking solution to effectively manage both Linux and Windows-based client software,” said Elliot. “We at ManageSoft have listened to our customers’ needs with the understanding that both Linux and Windows environments need to be secure and automatically managed to protect against cyber-attacks and software inconsistencies that drain company IT resources, money and time.”

Linux applications are commonly distributed using Linux Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) packages. RPM packages typically depend on many other RPM packages to successfully complete an installation, some with up to as many as 80 dependencies. ManageSoftÂ’s Linux solution helps overcome this management complexity by providing automatic dependency management that significantly simplifies Linux package deployment and saves time for IT administrators.

Another feature of the ManageSoft solution is its ability to deploy new and updated software via LAN, WAN, VPN, dial-in, satellite links and the Internet, with secure HTTPS deployment through firewalls — enabling central point management of Linux and Windows computers located anywhere in the world.

“With ManageSoft, Linux and Windows administrators can reduce costs and increase efficiencies through automated software deployment and management across the enterprise,” said Elliot.

In addition to Red Hat Linux, ManageSoft also has announced plans to port its industry-leading Windows-based software management solutions to other industry platforms such as HP-UX, Solaris and AIX.