ManageSoft Corporation, a world leader in corporate software management solutions, today announced the release of an advanced Microsoft Windows migration solution that will greatly simplify OS migration projects across large organizations. This end-to-end migration solution reduces migration costs and associated business risks.

"Windows migration projects can be complex and challenging, and more often than not incur unexpected costs and delays," said Walter Elliot, ManageSoft Corporation CEO. "Usually deadline driven, complicated by geography and an increasing number of mobile laptop users, a migration project also requires tight risk management."

"We have addressed each of these issues and delivered what we believe is the fastest and most reliable way to migrate to Windows 2000 or XP, of any migration solution on the market," Mr Elliot said.

Employing patented smart-agent architecture, ManageSoft is a comprehensive migration solution delivering large-scale migration projects on time, on plan, and with ongoing savings long after initial migration.

During the migration process, ManageSoft smart agents transform desktops and laptops into self-managing smart devices that automatically adapt and self-heal in accordance with policies under central IT control. The smart-agent architecture enables rapid Windows migration and ongoing software management before, during, and after Windows migration. This unique approach reduces IT support costs and improves IT service levels by automating software deployment, self-healing, inventory tracking, and license management for all software deployed during the migration project, and all new and updated software from then on.

IT administrators can now migrate whole groups of computers from legacy Windows platforms to Windows 2000 or XP, and automatically restore personalized user settings and data after the OS installation. Administrators can monitor migration progress with a graphical executive dashboard providing up-to-the-minute web-based reporting.

Other unique features of the ManageSoft solution include:

The first truly state-based solution — ManageSoft uses a hardware-independent installation base for OS installation. ManageSoft smart agents automatically determine what's needed to achieve the desired state on each device, enabling automated download, installation and self-healing, with powerful error recovery. This approach avoids the time and cost of labor-intensive task-based systems, and avoids the cost and complexity of managing multiple hardware-specific images.

The best use of an organization's existing infrastructure — The ManageSoft smart-agent architecture uses an organization's existing infrastructure to enable zero-touch pre-migration inventory gathering and reporting, rapid implementation, and ongoing savings. This approach does not require the addition of costly and unpredictable new infrastructure.

The only migration solution to embed industry best practice processes — ManageSoft enables instant, reliable, and repeatable migration processes by embedding best-practice processes based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF).

The only solution Certified for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server — ManageSoft provides complete integration with the Windows technologies that corporations are deploying.

With many large organizations currently staring down the barrel at major migration projects, the release of the ManageSoft solution has been welcomed by ManageSoft partner companies like US-based migration specialist, BV Solutions Group. "ManageSoft, through its integration with core Windows technologies, enables us to provide an efficient and predictable migration to Windows 2000 or XP for our clients," said Jerry White, President and CEO of BV Solutions Group. "Our approach is always to give our clients the most effective solution possible."

ManageSoft 6.1 is available now from ManageSoft Corporation and a range of Accredited ManageSoft Partners including Siemens Business Services, BV Solutions Group, Scalable Software, Clearview Technologies, and Computer Resource Visions (an authorized US federal government supplier: GSA GS-35F-0637K).

ManageSoft Corporation is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.