ManageSoft Announces General Availability of ManageSoft 7.0, its Next-Generation of Automated Software Management Solution for Windows, Linux and UNIX

Significant Enhancements in Business Intelligence and Security Patch Management Deliver Faster Deployments, Significant Cost-Savings and

Increased Scalability and Security

Gartner Government Conference, WASHINGTON – May 3, 2004 – ManageSoft Corporation, the software management company™, today announced its ManageSoft 7.0 suite for Windows, Linux, and UNIX. New enhancements to the suite deliver business intelligence to managed desktops, servers and mobile computers throughout an organization. This enables devices worldwide to automatically adapt and self-heal to respond to changes and comply with centrally-defined IT policies. World-class organizations, such as Iron Mountain, will be among the first to take advantage of the new functionality in the ManageSoft 7.0 suite.

“With CIOs constantly challenged to achieve more with constrained resources, a new proactive approach is required to prevent and predict problems before they occur,” said Walter Elliott, CEO of ManageSoft. “The latest version of ManageSoft’s automated software management solution frees up IT resources by offloading daily operations tasks from IT management to an intelligent, automated system. Rather than IT professionals manually initiating and monitoring these tasks, ManageSoft transforms desktops, servers, and mobile computers into self-managing devices.”

ManageSoft 7.0 Suite Improves Network Performance While Reducing IT Costs

The ManageSoft 7.0 suite, which includes ManageSoft 7.0, ManageSoft for Windows Deployment 7.0, ManageSoft IT Business Intelligence 7.0 and ManageSoft Security Patch Management 7.0, enables IT organizations to automatically deploy, update and manage business critical applications for fixed and mobile computers located anywhere in the world. Unlike server-centric products that introduce critical-points-of-failure into an enterprise IT infrastructure, the ManageSoft 7.0 client-centric architecture enables managed devices to dynamically adapt to changes in the IT environment though its policy-based management. A modular, integrated solution, ManageSoft 7.0 includes the necessary building blocks to enable companies to transform computers into self-managing devices, allowing organizations to choose the functionality they need now and add capabilities over time.

New features and key benefits of ManageSoft 7.0 include:

* Rapid, cost-effective implementations through automatic discovery and adoption – provides the ability to bring geographically distributed computers under automated management by discovering these devices and placing intelligent agents on these remote devices, which then enable automatic operating system upgrades, migration of user data and application settings, and automatic installation and configuration of approved software in response to centrally-defined IT policies;

* Improved IT decision-making with Web-enabled business intelligence reporting and user-defined proactive alerts – enables security vulnerability assessment, security patch rollouts by risk, trend analysis, geographic mapping, cost analysis and measurement of key criteria through user-friendly executive dashboard;

* Decreased support costs with self-managing installations – each managed device automatically compares its current state, including applications, business data and digital content, with the desired state described in centrally-defined IT policies, with any differences automatically repaired;

* Faster deployment with minimum IT investment and ongoing maintenance – leverages existing IT infrastructure, such as Active Directory, and does not require dedicated servers;

* Increased scalability and security through dynamic network optimization – managed devices dynamically respond to changes in available network bandwidth to reduce consumption on low bandwidth connections, deliver faster downloads on high-speed connections and enable rapid and reliable distribution of security patches across any network;

* Increased cost-savings with intelligent software license management – ability to record extensive license information including costs, purchase order details and management information, to allocate software licenses across multiple business units, and to automatically track license compliance and software usage; and

* Simplified central IT administration – ability to monitor the status and location of software and hardware assets throughout the organization, enterprise deployment progress and security compliance through web-based status reporting.

“We are committed to leveraging ManageSoft 7.0 to help us reach our business goals of effectively managing IT assets, decreasing IT costs and improving our network security,” said Doug Atkins, manager of field services, Iron Mountain. “Leveraging ManageSoft 7.0’s automatic discovery and adoption, we will be able to implement the new solution faster and significantly more cost-effectively than server-centric alternatives. Further, with its tight integration with Microsoft, we will be able to streamline the authorization of new security patches.”

The ManageSoft 7.0 suite is available immediately from ManageSoft Corporation and partner companies worldwide. For more information, please contact ManageSoft at 800-441-4330 or visit


ManageSoft, the software management company™, enables IT organizations to automatically deploy, update, and manage business critical applications for fixed and mobile computers located anywhere in the world. Unlike competing products, ManageSoft solutions combine policy-based management with a scalable and cost-effective client-centric architecture to streamline IT service support, improve IT service delivery, and dramatically reduce IT costs. ManageSoft provides category-leading Deployment solutions, Asset control solutions, Mobile and remote management, and IT analysis solutions.

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