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KBOX Model: K2000
KBOX Applicance: Virtual
Server Version: 3.4.54256

Dell XPS 14 Ultra Book is able to boot to the KBE selecction menu.
However, getting an error when booting to KBE_x64 KBE.
System error 53 - Error unable to mount kbox share \\<IP_ADDRESS>\peinst.

Drivers for the Dell XPS 14 laptop were dwonloaded to the drivers_postinstall folder via the driver feed.
However, no storage and/or network drivers in the KBE_x64 folder for the Dell XPS 14 Laptop.

Solution Steps:
Created a folder called XPS 14 on desktop.
Copied the storage and network folders from the drivers_postinstall folder to the XPS 14 folder.
Uploaded XPS 14 folder to the KBE_X64 folder on drivers share.
Recached the drivers and recreated the KBE.
Laptop was able to boot to the KBE.