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KBOX Model: K1000
Server Version: 5.4.70402
Agent Version: 5.4.5315

Can't configure LDAP settings. 
Server Hostname or IP is a required field for LDAP Authentication 4.
LDPA Port Number is a required field for LDAP Authentication 4.
Errors are displayed on attempt to save configuration.

Presently 4 LDAP configurations (Admin, User, New Server, and Corp).
Only using Corp LDAP configuration.
Information is correct for all fields in LDAP configuration.

Solution Steps:
Deleted the unused configurations.
Was able to save configuration for Corp.

NOTE: Advised to upgrade to v5.4 SP1 (5.4.76847) which allows for multiple LDAP configurations.
Please visit to download the latest Server and Agent Versions. *************************************************************************************************************