K2000 KBE Manipulator

The K2000 Media Manager allows the quick creation of Windows K2000 Boot Environments (KBE's).  KBE Manipulator (kbem) is a Limited Release* tool which allows more customization of the KBE and the creation of custom boot images.  Some customers are even using it to create Linux boot environments to enable homegrown Linux imaging using their K2000. (Dell | KACE has not tested and does not support Linux imaging functionality.) KBE Manipulator makes the K2000 more flixible than ever.  The KBE Manipulator is appropriate for customers who have some problems wiht the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) on their netowrk, or need to load their own customer boot images.

We hope you add comments as to what does and does not work for you when using KBE Manipulator

Watch Corey Serrins, the developer of KBE Manipulator, demonstrate the use of the tool.  The video demonstrates versions early than 3.7.  Please see this KBE Manipulator off the K2000 Deployment Workbench for complete details on the release and a download link.



* Limited Release tools are our way of giving customers access to KACE innovation more quickly.  Limited Release tools are free add-ons customers can download from the KACE support website and add to their product.  You can think of them as "concept cars" containing features we may integrate into the product at a future date. If you like to have multiple tools at hand to tackle a problem and use your technical judgement on which tool is appropriate in a particular circumstance, you are likely to get value out of Limited Release tools.