SDA Advisor

SDA Advisor by: Corey A. Serrins & Patrick Warme; idea by Mike Pace.

**SDA Advisor is no longer available as the SDA now has this report built into the UI since version 5.0.xxx.

Version 3.0 of K2 Advisor is a utility that queries the database of your SDA to gather information about your appliance in an HTML report form that can be used to assist in gathering data or troubleshooting the SDA.

Some HTML tables will not show in the report if they are not relevant, this is intended.
Active UI Alerts - only shows up if there is an alert that has not been dismissed.
Server Task Processes - only shows up if there is something in the queue, like an export, at the time the report was run.

In order to use version 3 of SDA Advisor, "Allow Offboard Database Access" must be enabled in the UI under Settings and Maintenance | Security.  After enabling, the K2000 must be rebooted.
See article https://support.quest.com/kace-systems-deployment-appliance/kb/121600/how-to-connect-to-the-k2000-appliance-using-mysql-workbench for more information.

User Quotes:

"It's so fast and comprehensive. I love that it's got a quick at-a glance data summary, and it's going to be incredibly useful to us."

email me your quote to be posted here, or leave one in the comments!

* is currently available to download, or if running an earlier version, run the application and you should be informed that an update is available.

Back to the K2000 Deployment Workbench Page. [09/06/17]
-Rebranded for Quest | KACE
-Rebranded to SDA
-fixed a defect where pie chart was including Total Used space in chart
-fixed a defect with how Image notes were being displayed
-added created date/time for Images and SIs
-Updated KB article links to Quest Support Site [01/26/15]
-fixed issue where the correct .ini file wasn't being used
-corrected expired license message.
-corrected null driver feed download error.
-corrected an issue with RSA sync status.
-collapsable tables added to some tables.
-added "Tasks assigned to Image and Scripted Install" reports.
-added commandline field for all tasks.
-added "Shutdown at End" column for images and scripted installs with version 3.7 and higher and have the option to "Shutdown target device after last task".
-updated built in .ini file to match newest version. [07/30/14]
-added version of K2 Advisor into the report
-evaluate drivers_postinstall is selected by default [07/26/14]
-added ability to make app portable, if ini file is in same directory
-added ability to expand portable ini file for other scripting ninja scripts
-redesigned GUI to allow more options and added a menu bar
-moved 'Quit' under File | Exit
-added hotkey (alt-shift-d) to enable debugging, saving a .log file to the same location as the report
-report can now be saved to a specific directory on the main gui or file File | Save to...
-moved settings from a file to the registry for all scripts to read, if not portable
-moved check for updates app into the application itself, every launch checks for updates.
-changed terminology from 'backed up' to 'exported'
-a task is listed in the report if the title has the word 'reboot' in it, the wording was updated to include the possibility of it being a false positive.
-added 'Evaluate drivers_postinstall' checkbox to map this share and list the models under each manufacturer.
thanks to the post by dugullet on itninja the next 2 features were included (http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/k2000-3-6-sql-for-failed-deployments)
-added failed image deployments in last 30 days
-added failed scripted installs in last 30 days [06/19/14]
-fixed issue with image and SI information links
-more accurate information of the data gathering dialog [06/18/14]
-added version number to first GUI screen
-added rename/join tasks from 3.5 and earlier to Task Suggestion
-fixed issue where no warning was given if free disk usage was in MB
-fixed an issue where a deleted user account was showing
-fixed language in the export table to be easier to read
-removed task suggestion about using cscript and msiexec if commandline contained schtasks
-fixed cosmetic issue with driver feed download error 400
-fixed sizing on some tables so they are easier to read [06/06/14]
-fixed issue with PO Task Converter and Driver Feed Workaround [06/05/14]
-updated some language in Task Suggestions
-added PO Task Converter and Driver Feed Workaround as tasks that need to be deleted.
-search for reboot in task names and suggest removing and using "reboot required" instead.
-added Export table to show number of items needing to be backed up or not having current version backed up. [05/28/14]
-fixed cosmetic issue with RSAs updating boot actions in active server queue processes
-fixed issues with RSA Linked Appliances not being reported correctly
-fixed issues with RSAs reporting nothing was selected to sync
-fixed cosmetic issue with driverfeed download error due to not being able to resolve host 'servicecdn.kace.com'
-fixed 'Check for Updates' app location [05/27/14]
-complete rewrite of the script using mysql queries to get more information than just tasks. [02/24/14]
-initial release
-maps k2 drive and reads .xml files for common 3.6 PO errors.
-HTML report of errors found and links directly to those tasks



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