ISSUE:  After updating to a newer version of KACE you may receive the following error on the next backup run

The 'DB Backup' size differs substantially from last backup. 
This might result naturally from recent major changes such as deleting large amounts of data or upgrading your K1000. 
If you've done neither of these, contact support. 
Please contact support for assistance.

This is completely expected when pruning and making wholesale database changes.


Run a manual backup

Go to
K1000 Settings: --> Backup and Restore
Click Edit Mode
Under K1000 Backup Click the button Run Backup.
This will run the nightly backup process.
*Note: THis will make the webui unavailable during the backup prrocess (approx 20 minutes in most cases but it varies)

After this the error should go away on the next run as the sizes will match.

If you continue to recieve this eror then open a ticket with support.