enteo products are already used by over 2,300 customers, worldwide, but weÂ’re not resting on our laurels. Now, in addition to sophisticated functionality and proven customer satisfaction*, there are three new reasons to choose enteo system management solutions: enteo Product Suites. enteo Delegation Suite, enteo Migration Suite and enteo Complete Suite, all being launched as part of our latest product initiative.

The aim of these three solution suites is to bring together the most frequently used enteo products into task-oriented bundles that leverage the synergies between the individual solutions they comprise, at a significantly lower price than it would cost to buy these separately.

The suites reflect the experience we have gained over hundreds of previous projects. Efficient system management is, as you know, essentially process-oriented, with standard processes often involving the same process steps and using the same tools.

ThatÂ’s exactly what the software solutions that comprise the new enteo Product Suites do. They are fully integrated with each other to automate complete processes or process chains within the system management lifecycle.

And because intelligent systems management doesnÂ’t begin and end with the installation of operating systems and applications, the new enteo Product Suites also include maintenance and support elements, in the form of a subscription.

Further information of each individual suite you will find on the pages of enteo Delegation Suite, enteo Migration Suite and enteo Complete Suite.

The introductory offer on the new enteo Product Suites is valid on all orders received before December 31, 2004. For further information, please contact our sales team at +49 711 340 190-0, or by e-mailing

* “Customer satisfaction and image” study conducted for enteo Software GmbH by Psychonomics AG