What IT departments and businesses demand

Distributing software to the desktops, laptops and servers in a company involves more than just packaging all different types of software and adapting it to ensure it meets company standards. It also involves automatic installation on target systems and efficient deployment of software to remote or poorly connected locations and mobile users.

In addition to an effective infrastructure for the automatic transfer of software packages, a unified management system is also needed to combine the implementation of enterprise-wide standards with the flexibility to make adjustments at the local level.

Only a complete solution that integrates all the necessary tasks will enable you to ensure that individual process steps are carried out correctly thereby guaranteeing the currency and availability of your IT systems.

How IT departments and businesses benefit

> Increased productivity thanks to complete, integrated packaging

You can package any type of software simply and quickly using a single interface. You can make changes or traceable adjustments to software packages and configurations in a single, dialog-based interface. New software packages are ready for distribution faster.

> Increased availability and quality of service

All functions and work processes, from software packaging to software installation, are integrated into a flexible infrastructure that takes into account your companyÂ’s geographical and organizational structures. You can use both centralized and decentralized administration to ensure optimum quality in both software and client management and system availability.

> Complete integration of mobile users and remote locations

A high-performance infrastructure for mobile users and poorly connected or remote locations as well as numerous optimized functions ensure that these users and locations are not just connected to your software and configuration management systems but are fully integrated into it.

> Short reaction times thanks to automatic software and configuration management

Rule-based allocation and enterprise-wide control ensure that your software and configuration management is able to react quickly and easily to any changes in your IT landscape.

> Cost savings, minimal training requirements

enteo NetInstall works seamlessly together with the rest of the enteo product range so it can be integrated quickly with existing desktop and server management tools and procedures. It also ensures that you can continue to leverage your staffÂ’s existing knowledge and continue to rely on tried and tested processes.