Driver Feed Builder

Endorsed by Nick The Ninja

Driver Feed Builder - version 3.0

This portable application tool will allow users to harvest drivers from the current workstation using Double Driver or by downloading drivers from vendor websites and extracting the executibles (when applicable).

The tool makes a WMI call on the workstation to get the model name of the workstation, and either harvests the drivers of the current workstation or extracts drivers from specified executibles and uploads them to your K2000 in the appropriate drivers_postinstall directory.  See the help file in the application for full instructions of usage.

This tool was created by employees of Quest | KACE, but is not officially supported.  If there are issues or bugs that exist, please use the comment section below for reporting these issues.

Scripting Ninjas responsible for this tool:
Kent Feid - concept creator, author of version 1
Corey A. Serrins and Patrick Warme - code additions for version 2


Download Driver Feed Builder version 3
*Quest Software Support credentials are required for download

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Release Notes


Release Date

Summary of changes











-rebranded to Quest
-if model or manufacturer is empty in WMI use temp values instead so feed doesn't fail (driver can then be placed manually)
-check for drvstr.cfg when looking for mapped drives
-if drvstr.cfg file cannot be found, download from service
-if drvstr.cfg was downloaded from service, there was probably an issue with mapping, so copy driver folder to script location to be sent to K2000 manually.
-added ability to save drivers locally instead of mapping to the K2000
-added additional debug logging

-added Windows 10 support

-minimum version is now 3.7.113224 to support drvstr.cfg file
-revamped UI to look like K2000

-added ability to use Driver Feed Builder as a portable app -moved settings to registry or to ini file if portable
-moved some gui objects to menu items
-changed password encryption to AES 256
-changed Lenovo to use friendly name from WMI -added model excepts for Venue 11, XPS 13, XPS 15 -removed periods and commas in model names. -updated documentation
-fixed defect when drivers_postinstall was already mapped
-set focus of gui to ip address to start
-Full logging can be invoked with the /debug commandline switch or pressing shift-alt-d hotkey -checks for updates automatically
-added an installer

-added progress bar for harvesting drivers

-added ability to remember the K2000 IP address and password
-added the ability to harvest drivers using Double Driver
-modified UI so that user chose between harvesting and extracting and added disabling controls depending on option
-added error checking for mapping network drive.
-version 3.6 ready



-added in 3.5 support



-fixed missing logo on exit screen
-change folder name to match name of driver.exe
-added in help option



-initial GA release


  • This is not working. My ITninja credentials nor my https://support.software.dell.com/manage-service-request are working. I need assistance urgently thanks. I've been holding the line for 1 & 1/2 hrs trying to get technical support from you guys. - cplacide 9 years ago
    • Now posted on Dell Support Portal, see link at top of article. - cserrins 9 years ago
  • I can not get the download to work either. Adding it to my downloads does nothing. It just dumps me back to the very same page. - southerner 9 years ago
    • I just tested and it works for me. Add to downloads, authenticate and then download now. - cserrins 9 years ago
  • It is possible to launch driver feed builder in command line? I would like to retrieve by script the drivers from k1000 managed devices. Thanks - pg_fr_69 8 years ago
    • I was looking for the same thing. But I found a way to do it using the original Double Driver software.
      It comes with a CLI application, and using that, you can create a script, which uploads the drivers to a folder of your choosing on the K2000 server.

      Using the command line:
      ddc.exe b /target:"\\path\to\your\folder"

      To download the original double driver, that took longer as the original site's download links are dead. So I managed to get it downloaded from majorgeeks website - Flappers 8 years ago
    • I'm actually working on an update for DriverFeed_Builder so that it uses the new drvstr.cfg file, just like the K2. This is a great idea, but will probably take a little work because I'll have to work in a number of commandline options.

      -Corey - cserrins 8 years ago
  • Thanks for the answer, Flappers. - pg_fr_69 8 years ago
  • Hi Correy,

    i hope you will released soon a new version of DriverFeedBuilder.

    I use it recently for many managed devices but as you know, i suppose, the path generated by the last disco.wsf (disco.inc.vbs precisely) of K2000 and the path used DriverFeedBuilder are very different.

    Thanks a lot for this useful tool. - pg_fr_69 8 years ago
    • I hope to include the same files, etc. in the next version. - cserrins 8 years ago
  • Will there be a build that will do Windows 10 driver harvesting any time soon? - zgillette 8 years ago
    • Working on it, we are not only adding Windows 10 support, but also having it use the new drvstr.cfg file.
      -Corey - cserrins 8 years ago
      • That is awesome! Our K2000 has been awesome, and having the added functionality will only improve it! - zgillette 8 years ago
  • Anyone else having problems downloading and installing this version? I'm getting a version incompatibility error when installing (x64), but I don't see more than one version for download. - piobaireachd 8 years ago
    • Are you having a problem with the installer? or when running the app it says that you aren't running a compatible version of the K2000? If the later, try manually mapping the drivers_postinstall folder for me and let me know.
      -Corey - cserrins 8 years ago
  • With the installer. - piobaireachd 8 years ago
    • Can you provide a screenshot?
      -Corey - cserrins 8 years ago
  • The program looks really helpful, but doesn't seem to be compatible with the latest version. I'm running 3.7.120251, but every time I run the program it says "K2000 must be at version 3.7.113224 or higher". Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. - eethball 8 years ago
    • I'm working on that message, but have found that if the K2000 is up to date and you get this message, it is because it is unable to map to the k2000. Try manually mapping to drivers_postinstall and trying again.
      -Corey - cserrins 8 years ago
      • Hmm, I know my samba share password, but can't seem to manually map the drive. I'm pretty new the K2000 platform, so is there some username I'm supposed to use because leaving it blank doesn't seem to work. Thanks! - eethball 8 years ago
      • The username is admin, but I always do \admin particularly if its on a domain. GPO can also affect mapping. So because it isn't mapping is why you are getting that message. I'll do an extra check for that in the next release.
        -Corey - cserrins 8 years ago
  • Might want to look at the tool. Downloaded and got flagged as having a Trojan virus. - crrussell3 8 years ago
    • This often happens with AutoIT. It is a false positive, there is no virus in the tool.
      -Corey - cserrins 8 years ago
  • Thanks for the quick response. I will redownload and whitelist the exe. Thanks Corey! - crrussell3 8 years ago
  • I tried the version 2.5 on my windows10 pc, but it stucks on "finding mapped netweork drives" - ottl05 8 years ago
    • when running under admin-account it´s working - ottl05 8 years ago
  • the tool states The minimum version required is 3.7.113224. I am running 3.7.120251, with no updates available. I am getting an error stating that my K2 needs to be at 3.7.113224 - jackerman 7 years ago
    • I'm working on that message, but have found that if the K2000 is up to date and you get this message, it is because it is unable to map to the k2000. Try manually mapping to drivers_postinstall and trying again.
      -Corey - cserrins 7 years ago
      • I have the problem jackerman cited, and I do have my Y: drive mapped as \\\drivers_postinstall. No luck :-( - jwdima 7 years ago
  • How do you save the IP/Credentials to make it portable in 2.5? - Evilution 7 years ago
    • During install, you should be able to choose the portable app version. If not, create a file called k2_prefs.ini in the same directory as the script and run again. This will save settings to the file. - cserrins 7 years ago
      • Not sure why I couldn't reply to your reply below but yes that took care of the issue just might want to edit the } on the settings as I copied and pasted and still got the error but noticed that and changed it and works like a champ now thank you very much :). - Evilution 7 years ago
      • OK, so in the .ini file, create a section called SETTINGS

        Replace IPOFK2 with the ip of your K2. After running it, if it works, you can then change the remember password, and it will encrypt it. If it doesn't work, let me know. - cserrins 7 years ago
  • Just upgraded K2000 to Version: 4.0.695. Problem... Diver Feed Builder 2.5 does not work with Version: 4.0.695. Any chance an update coming soon? - blstearne 7 years ago
    • If you are getting an error that a certain version is required, try manually mapping the drivers_postinstall share to a drive letter. This is an issue I'm working on now, but the version does work with 4.0.695 - cserrins 7 years ago
      • I am getting the same error and mapped that share to a drive letter and it still gave me the error message - lysinger 7 years ago
      • any update on this? I'm having the same issue... mapped the share to a drive letter but still receiving the "must be version 3.x.x+" message - sarahmurray 7 years ago
      • so it ran once, on my own device, using "run as administrator"... but now I can't get it to run on anything else. - sarahmurray 7 years ago
      • Any update on it working with 4.0.695? Still shows needing an updated k2 when at 4.0 - nshah 7 years ago
    • I received this error while attempting to do the upload on Windows 10 and logged in as local administrator. I logged in as another admin account, and it worked fine. - breanne 7 years ago
  • any update on working with 4.0.695 cserrins? - nshah 7 years ago
    • This should work fine with 4.0 and above - cserrins 6 years ago
  • The link to Download Driver Feed Builder version 3 is broken. The correct is that one: https://support.quest.com/download-install-detail/6084569 - eduardo.caron 6 years ago
    • Fixed in link above, thanks. - cserrins 6 years ago
  • I've noticed when running driver feed builder, it always comes up with Windows 8.x, as opposed to Windows 10. I wind up just copying the folder to the correct place on the SDA, but was just curious. - RD94 4 years ago
  • Hello,
    With Kace SDA 9, driver feed do not copy drivers to the new location like "\\serv-k2000\drivers_postinstall\windows\10\x64\22h2\hp", could you update this software ? Thanks - gjoubert 1 year ago
    • I agree, it needs to be updated to match how the driver feed operates under 9.x. Including, adding the System ID that the model falls under. With this new format, it is getting difficult to add drivers for models that are not natively in the feed (such as Microsoft Surface computers, or Intel NUCs, etc). - MarkRMonaco 1 year ago
      • The hex code? Where are you finding this? Microsoft also have system ids, which is why we chose this method. The only issue we saw with surface was colons in the system id, if you just remove those the driver feed in 9.1 finds the drivers without issue. Some additional details of issues will help us elimate issues in the future. - cserrins 1 year ago
  • @cserrins, I'm having a difficult time replying to your comment. So, I will just add it here. - I corrected my original statement, but what I meant to say instead of "hex code" was "System ID" (they just visually appear to look like hex codes when I'm looking at them). - My follow-up question to that is there a reliable way to find the "System ID"? If so, I would like to manually migrate the drivers that we added for the Surface & NUC when we were still on 8.x. - MarkRMonaco 1 year ago
    • I believe you can only comment to 3 levels deep. The systemid is not consistent among manufacturers, I know for a fact HP is in a completely different location. The "cpdrv.exe.vbs" file in hta has the exact locations. - cserrins 1 year ago
      • Thanks. If I am understanding the contents of the "cpdrv.exe.vbs" file correctly, it appears that there are provisions for both the new and old ways of organizing the "drivers_postinstall" folder. If that is correct, does that mean it will support both structures at the same time? I'm only asking as that could be a workaround for us for the time being until we can get our Microsoft Surface Pro and Intel NUC drivers under the new structure. - MarkRMonaco 1 year ago
  • @markRMonaco, yes that is correct. At this time both the old and new feed are supported. We wanted to do this so that the transition to the new feed could be seamless and give everyone time to move their drivers over, but will eventually be removed. - cserrins 1 year ago
    • @cserrins, thanks. I did build out a Custom Inventory Rule in our SMA so we can start capturing the System SKU via WMI. That will at least help us to figure out how to organize the non-driver feed devices under the new structure. - MarkRMonaco 1 year ago
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