On May 12, 2014 Dell KACE announced the 6.0 release for the K1000 Systems Management Appliance. We’re pleased to share with the world the new features, functionality, interface, and much more.Say Hello to your new K1000 v6.0!
K1000 v6.0 gets a new look, feel and functions in this latest release. Here’s just a few of the great things you’ll find in this release:

  • Agentless support: The new agentless technology offers you an alternative for inventorying devices where you might not, or cannot, install an agent- such as mission critical endpoints or devices like printers, networks, routers, storage, and more.
  • Versionless OS support: The K1000 agentless extensions automatically use the same series of standard, unchanging commands used for manually extracting data remotely eliminating discovery limitations due to operating systems or their versions for versionless OS support.
  • Fast and flexible IT inventory discovery: Choose from a variety of protocols for accurate, in-depth network wide scanning and device discovery.
  • Additional Dell shop advantages: While the K1000 is vendor agonistic in device and platform support, there are unique benefits available to organizations with Dell hardware. The new K1000 v6.0 now extends its Dell  warranty integration to all Dell devices with a service tag.
  • Application Contol (Software blacklisting): Further extending the software asset management (SAM) features of the K1000, the newest version offers automated software blacklisting. This enables IT organizations to prevent the execution of undesirable programs known to contain security threats or vulnerabilities, or to prevent the installation of those deemed inappropriate.
  • New UI: An all new UI, customizable list grid views, reworked work page flows, customizable dashboards and a reporting widget library allow for the consolidation and display of pertinent information. These intuitive capabilities help users to alleviate training and usability burdens inherent in other systems management solutions.

Review the release notes, and the recent webinar and plan your upgrade today! The minimum veriosn to upgrade from is 5.5.90548. It is recommended that a recent backup is stored off your appliance before any upgrade process is started, and never shut down or interrupt an upgrade in progress.