While my code updates have been a little quiet lately, we have been hard at work enabling some new features for ITNinja. One has been a multi-month effort that brings some big improvements to our product communities that will be available soon. But we also have some other great things for you.


Syntax highlighting of code snippets: This widely requested feature makes it easier for users to share code samples and snippets via ITNinja as our editor now does automatic syntax highlighting.


Search improvements: Searches now also return usernames, and tag searches can be tailored by using the “AND” Boolean.


See what’s hot: We have new popularity ranking algorithms and listings of recent searches on the home page and search page.


Reminding users to mark questions answered: We now encourage users to come back and mark questions as answered if they haven’t been back within 2 weeks.


Moderation improvements: We allow moderators to edit content titles to make them more clear and offer points for that as well as editing software platforms


Bug fixes and performance improvements


As always, keep your feedback coming at: https://kace.uservoice.com/forums/139919