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Packaging Event 2012

 For the 7th year in a row, PDS will organize the Packaging Event. Just like the previous six years, we’ve chosen for the strategic location and fabulous atmosphere of the Amsterdam ArenA. 
The exhibition floor will be located in the newly build event hall. Technical Sessions will be held in the various rooms of the Amsterdam ArenA and keynotes near the exhibition floor.

This 7th edition will guarantee top (international) speakers and interesting subjects in the field of application management, packaging, application deployment, desktop management and, of course, application virtualization.  
Just a few of the confirmed speakers in 2012: Bob Kelly (www.itninja.com), Microsoft NLRuben SpruijtDarwin Sanoy, but also Jim Ryan & many many more. Stay tuned for more updates coming months.

Topics for the 2012 event are:

  • Desktop Management
  • Application Virtualization
  • (Private) cloud computing
  • Application Compatibility 
  • Windows 7/8 migrations

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Reasons to attend PackagingEvent:

  • Product management presentations from Microsoft, Flexera Software (AdminStudio), Quest Software(ChangeBASE) and many more. 
  • Get the latest information (on first hand) from the leading products.
  • Take a close look in the future of Desktop Management and Application Compatibility &Virtualization.
  • Get a chance to talk to the people behind the Windows Installer Technology & Application virtualization techniques
  • Experience hands-on demonstrations at the Lab Sessions.
  • Discuss with the Program Managers of your preferred products about future releases.
  • Visit the Exhibition Area and learn about the great solutions from your local Services - and Solutions companies.
  • Enjoy the company of 600+ visitors throughout the day in the fantastic atmosphere of the Amsterdam Arena.
  • Discuss with the experts about the future of Desktop Delivery & Application Management.
  • 2012 will be indoor but ... how did the 2011 edition look like (link to HD movie @ YouTube)?

Looking forward to see you October 11-12 @ the Amsterdam ArenA !

Kind regards,
Jeroen Braak

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Is application compatibility an issue for Windows 8?

Find out what Windows 8 app compat issues might be lurking on Tuesday, January 22, 2:00 p.m. EST/11:00 a.m. PST in a live webinar.

Join Dell Software application compatibility expert and ChangeBASE co-founder, Greg Lambert, and Microsoft MVP Greg Shields from Concentrated Technology on Tuesday, January 22nd at 2:00 p.m. EST/11:00 am Pacific as they discuss the key application compatibility considerations for Windows 8. Register now!

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Windows 7 Migration Woes

The folks over at VMware have released some survey data that sheds some light on the more prevalent downsides of Windows XP to 7 migrations. The number of companies that have not migrated yet is not surprising, nor is that what caught my eye. What is interesting is that the level of grief experienced by staff that only used free migration tools is much higher than those who made use of specialized tools that were purchased to help them along. The blog states “…Companies that purchased new tools to help with the migration experienced over 50% fewer challenges than those using free tools from Microsoft”.  Also of note: 92% of companies surveyed experienced challenges with their migration, and 49% indicated that user downtime was one of them.

The typical problem areas in Windows migration projects will of course include UAT/training, and attempting to deploy applications that will not work properly in the new environment. The process of UAT is time consuming and diverts resources away from other, more valuable business functions. If you have an application that you can carry over to Windows 7 because either it’s compatible/supported by the vendor, or because you are able to remediate it so that it can be successfully deployed, you will reduce the amount of user acceptance testing that needs to occur on that app, and all but eliminate user training as well.

The impact of failing to adequately prepare for your migration by not using the right tools to help you include putting in extra time on evenings and weekends, and perhaps placing other projects on hold to divert resources to help.

Original blog posted on: http://futurestateit.com/2013/05/13/windows-7-migration-woes/

View survey data here: http://blogs.vmware.com/euc/2013/05/beware-of-windows-7-migration-hazards.html

AppRx automates application rationalization, analysis and testing to accelerate Windows 7/8 migrations. Book an AppRx demo or get a  free trial today!

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Is change on the way? Looking at Windows Blue.

I was reading an article on Windows “Blue” today, and there was an interesting side note to it. Positive changes to the way Microsoft develops and releases operating systems may be a reality starting with Windows 8 (or least that opportunity exists). From the information that is available now, it seems that this upgrade/add-on to Windows 8 will incorporate some significant modifications to that operating system. One analyst feels that Microsoft may be leaning toward changing their operating system development cycle by increasing the changes and release schedule. The benefit, he says, is that this would allow organizations to adapt more easily to changes in their environment and lessen the impact of OS migration initiatives. He may have a point there.


While Vista was a major OS change there were too many issues with it, which hindered its adoption in the enterprise. One of the major reasons was application compatibility, as the jump to that OS wouldn’t have been as straightforward as people would have liked. The end result was that organizations continued to rely on Windows XP for much longer than Microsoft had hoped. By implementing more gradual changes to the OS, it could ease the compatibility issues that application vendors have had to deal with in the past. For IT folks, as long as your application portfolio is relatively current, you would hopefully be in a position to handle OS changes much more easily. Keep your fingers crossed.

Original blog post on: http://futurestateit.com/2013/05/22/is-change-on-the-way/ 

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Application rationalization for ongoing portfolio management

There is a growing awareness among organizations as to the escalating costs of managing bloated application portfolios and the need to reign in operational costs in order to free up resources for innovation and delivering value to the business. As reported in the 2011 Capgemini Application Landscape Report, the top 3 CIO priorities were to 1) create value for the business, 2) improve efficiency through IT systems and 3) cut overall costs for the business.

In order to successfully deliver on these priorities, organizations need to implement disciplined application portfolio rationalization practices. By rationalizing the portfolio, IT can identify unused, redundant and out of date applications and trim down the portfolio through application elimination, consolidation and modernization. With a lean and healthy portfolio, organizations will be better able to manage operational costs, support business productivity, maintain an agile adaptive application portfolio and adhere to corporate and regulatory compliance policies.


Download the whitepaper here: http://futurestateit.com/2012/10/16/application-rationalization-for-ongoing-portfolio-management/ 

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