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Deployment Tips (2)

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Most Commonly Reported Deployment Method
Repackaged (to a setup.msi)
*Procedure to create silent install*

Based on http://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/openoptions/pdfs/manualenterprisedeployment_cs4_help.pdf

-Copy the "Adobe CS4" folder from "Application DVD 1" and "Application DVD 2" to a location on your network.(overwrite if asked)

-In the "Adobe CS4" folder, open a CMD box and type setup --record=1

-It installs "Adobe Setup" temporarily

-Enter Serial Number, click Next

-Accept License

-Installation Options, select Easy Install (Default) , click install
(note: installation location is C:\Program files\Adobe even if there is more space on D: )

-Saved deployment files: Make note of the path to the files "Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Standard.install.xml" and "Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Standard.remove.xml" (Typically located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers).

-Click Exit

-Via Windows Explorer, go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers and locate:
Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Standard.install.xml
Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Standard.remove.xml

-rename the files to install.xml and remove.xml.
Note: If you edit and save the XML file (using Notepad.exe), ensure that you save it in the UTF-8 encoding format.

-Copy the files install.xml and remove.xml to the folder "Adobe CS4" (created in step 1)
-Create and place the application.xml.override file in Adobe CS4\AdobeDesignSuiteStandard4-mul folder.
(As per \Adobe CS4\payloads\Setup.xml file, the line: <Driver folder="AdobeDesignSuiteStandard4-mul"/> )

-Create an application.xml.override file
-Open a text editor, such as Notepad.
-Copy and paste, or type the following XML script:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Data key="Registration">Suppress</Data>
<Data key="EULA">Suppress</Data>
<Data key="Updates">Suppress</Data>
Note: Verify the quotation marks above where not converted to curved quotation mark. Straight quotation marks are required.
-Between <Payload> and </Payload>,
Pre-serialize the product: <Data key="Serial" protected="0">Edition serial number(No Hyphens)</Data>
eg <Data key="Serial" protected="0">132912628239851978838226</Data>
*Note: If you were prompted for a serial number during the --record=1 process, it is not required in the application.xml.override file. Although, including a serial number will not cause issues with the Enterprise Deployment Options 4 product.*
-save it in the UTF-8 encoding format

-Automatic updates are typically suppressed for administrator testing.
-When automatic updates are suppressed, the Updates command in the Help menu is disabled on client computers.

Note: If install.xml and uninstall.xml are named Deployment.xml and Uninstall.xml, and are located in the CS4 product setup folder, a silent install or uninstall can be performed by running Setup.
We (Adobe) recommend always specifying the install and uninstall XML files.

<Path to setup.exe in quotes> --mode=silent --deploymentFile=<Path_to_install.xml or uninstall.xml in quotes>
eg. "%~DP0setup.exe" --mode=silent --deploymentFile="%~DP0Adobe CS4\install.xml"

To perform a silent uninstall, use the command: setup --mode=silent --deploymentFile=remove.xml.
eg. "%~DP0setup.exe" --mode=silent --deploymentFile="%~DP0Adobe CS4\remove.xml"

Create Batch file (Or whatever you see fit) to:
-Ask User to Close open applications
-Copy the XML file local (need non-UNC path to %TEMP%\install.xml)
Launch install
"<path>\Adobe CS4\setup.exe" --mode=silent --deploymentFile="<path>\Adobe CS4\install.xml"

;Suppress updates for Acrobat 9
;The installer does not contain a method to automatically cause the updates to be suppressed for Acrobat 9.
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\9.0\FeatureLockdown]

;Disable Adobe Product Improvement Program

;Disable Help > Digital Editions" (get e-book$ online) for Acrobat 9
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\9.0\FeatureLockDown]

;"Disable all Acrobat.com access, including initiation and participation" for Acrobat 9
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\9.0\Downtown]

Delete C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro.lnk
Delete C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Acrobat.com.lnk

Repair can only be performed by re-installing the Suite, and using the setup.exe script. This insures users setup preferences.

*Log Files*
Log files are located in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Installers folder. Some files end with .GZ which means the log files are compressed using GZip format. Use Wordpad (or Write.exe) to read the log files.

*Licensing issues*
* A process called fnplicensingservice.exe controls the licensing (aka DRM) of this suite.
It is located in %programfilescommon%\macrovision shared\flexnet publisher\fnplicensingservice.exe.
It creates a Flexnet folder in c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\" IF the licensing is successful.
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FLEXnet\adobe_########_tsf.data is updated whenever an Adobe application is launched.

*Licensing Scheme Issues*
-Each license permits the installation on 2 PCs but only one installation can be used at a time.
Scenario: If you have 4 licenses and install it on 4 PCs but someone installs it on a 5th without you knowing. The DRM scheme would permit only 4 copies to run concurrently and Adobe will not help to locate that rogue installation to free up the license/activation.
Adobe *claims* to not be able to track on which PC their software is installed on. (I say BS)

-It is rumored that for each license you get 2 Activations.
-To contact a licensing specialist 800-443-8158 (You'll need a customer ID and Mailing address used when ordered)
-There also seems to be an issue about "Ownership" of the license. It seems that the reseller that sold you the CS4 license must Transfer ownership to you. Otherwise Adobe will not see you as the true owner of the license.
-If the hard disk crashes OR the hard drive is wiped before CS4 is deactivated, Adobe will not (claim they can't) deactivate it from their end.
When this happened, "Patrick" at Adobe brushed it off and said "not to worry about it" and that "it got *Deactivated* when the HD was wiped." (<-BS)
-You *cannot* get a license server to manage your licenses yourself on your network. This was Adobe's *great* idea to prevent Keygens from working. Meanwhile, crackers have figured out that you simply need to block access to activate.adobe.com using a firewalls or the Windows HOSTS file after using the Keygen, effectively disabling the CS4 licensing system from verifying the registration serial-key!
IOW: Make sure your firewall does not block activate.adobe.com if you want to use CS4 legitimately.

If updates are truly needed, login with an ADMINISTRATOR account and run "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Updater6\Adobe_Updater.exe"
Setup Information:
Setup Type: unspecified
Deployment Method Used: unspecified
Deployment Difficulty: unspecified
Platform(s): Windows
If you want to install via Group Policy or just break down the Suite. Here's how.

Created admin installs for each of the Adobe dependancies/applications which need to be installed in the following order. These can be patched with the latest updates from Adobe.

Adobe CS4\WinBootstrapper.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeALMAnchorService2-mul\AdobeALMAnchorService2-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeSuiteSharedConfiguration-mul\AdobeSuiteSharedConfiguration-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeCMaps2-mul\AdobeCMaps2-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobePDFL9-mul\AdobePDFL9-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeXMPPanelsAll\AdobeXMPPanelsAll.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeCSIAll\AdobeCSIAll.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeColorEU_ExtraSettings2-mul\AdobeColorEU_ExtraSettings2-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeColorJA_ExtraSettings2-mul\AdobeColorJA_ExtraSettings2-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeColorNA_Recommended2-mul\AdobeColorNA_Recommended2-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeWinSoftLinguisticsPluginAll\AdobeWinSoftLinguisticsPluginAll.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeDynamicLinkSupport1All\AdobeDynamiclinkSupport1All.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeAssetServices4All\AdobeAssetServices4All.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeFlash10-en-ExtensionFL30\AdobeFlash10-en-ExtensionFL30.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeFlash10-STI-en\AdobeFlash10-STI-en.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeInDesign6AppFSet-Roman\AdobeInDesign6AppFSet-Roman.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeInDesign6CommonBase-mul\AdobeInDesign6CommonBase-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeAUM6.0All\AdobeAUM6.0All.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeExtendScriptToolKit3.0.0All\AdobeExtendScriptToolkit3.0.0All.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeExtensionManager2All\AdobeExtensionManager2All.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeTypeSupport9-mul\AdobeTypeSupport9-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeCameraRaw5.0All\AdobeCameraRaw5.0All.msi
adobe cs4\payloads\adobeair1.0\setup.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeDefaultLanguage2-mul\AdobeDefaultLanguage2-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeOutputModuleAll\AdobeOutputModuleAll.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeBridge3All\AdobeBridge3All.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeDeviceCentral2-mul\AdobeDeviceCentral2-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeFontsAll\AdobeFontsAll.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeLinguisticsAll\AdobeLinguisticsAll.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeColorCommonSetCMYK2-mul\AdobeColorCommonSetCMYK2-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeColorCommonSetRGB2-mul\AdobeColorCommonSetRGB2-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobePDFSettings9-mul\AdobePDFSettings9-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeDriveAll\AdobeDriveAll.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeSearchforHelp-mul\AdobeSearchforHelp-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeServiceManager-mul\AdobeServiceManager-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeConnect-mul\AdobeConnect-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\kuler2.0-mul\kuler2.0-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeColorPhotoshop2-mul\AdobeColorPhotoshop2-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeVideoProfilesCS2-mul\AdobeVideoProfilesCS2-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeFlashPlayer10_axDbg_mul\AdobeFlashPlayer10_axDbg_mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeFlashPlayer10_plDbg_mul\AdobeFlashPlayer10_plDbg_mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeInDesign6IconHandler-mul\AdobeInDesign6IconHandler-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobePhotoshop11-Support\AdobePhotoshop11-Support.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeSGM3-en_US\AdobeSGM3-en_US.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeSING2-mul\AdobeSING2-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\aifsdk-win\aifsdk-win.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AMECore1All\AMECore1All.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeAcrobat9-fr_FR\AcroPro.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AMEImporter1All\AMEImporter1All.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeDesignSuitePremium4-mul\AdobeDesignSuitePremium4-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeVersionCue4All\AdobeVersionCue4All.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeDreamweaver10-mul\AdobeDreamweaver10-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeFireworks10All\AdobeFireworks10All.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeIllustrator14mul\AdobeIllustrator14mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobePhotoshop11-Core\AdobePhotoshop11-Core.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeInDesign6AppBase-mul\AdobeInDesign6AppBase-mul.msi
Adobe CS4\payloads\AdobeFlash10-mul\AdobeFlash10-mul.msi

For each of the msi's you'll need to add the following 2 properties.

For the Adobe Acrobat install you'll need to add the following property. ISX_SERIALNUMBER=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (you'll be able to obtain this property from within the Acrobat log file if you enable Windows Installer Logging on the full vendors setup.exe install)

Depending on the language that you're installing as you'll need to install the relevant language files for each of the main applications. These language files figured out from the following files (these are for en_US). I bundled each of these up into their own msi's and added them onto the end of the list above.

Adobe CS4\extensions\AdobeDreamweaver10en_USLanguagePack\Instructions.js
Adobe CS4\extensions\AdobeFireworks10en_USLanguagePack\Instructions.js
Adobe CS4\extensions\AdobeFlash10-en_USLanguagePack\Instructions.js
Adobe CS4\extensions\AdobeIllustrator14en_USLanguagePack\Instructions.js
Adobe CS4\extensions\AdobeInDesign6AppLang-en_US\Instructions.js
Adobe CS4\extensions\AdobeInDesign6CommonLang-en_US\Instructions.js
Adobe CS4\extensions\AdobePhotoshop11-en_US\Instructions.js
Adobe CS4\extensions\DeviceCentral2LP-en_US\Instructions.js

Once you've done this, you'll need to capture the license information for the suite and individual applications. I added the following files into a msi which contain all the information that you need. Perform a full install of the suite from the vendors Setup.exe and then obtain these files.

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder CS4\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS4\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\AMT\amt_assets\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Bridge CS4\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat.com\META-INF\AIR\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Device Central CS4\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Adobe Media Player\META-INF\AIR\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS4\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe Version Cue CS4\Server\bin\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\pcd.db
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS4\Configuration\Win\Shared\AdobeAIR\templates\application.xml
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Adobe\FLEXnet\adobe_00080000_tsf.data
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Bridge CS4 Extensions\Adobe Output Module\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\backup\caps.db
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Utilities\ExtendScript Toolkit CS4\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS4\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Extension Manager CS4\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\SING\Mark II\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\caps\caps.db
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\XMP\Custom File Info Panels\2.0\AMT\application.xml
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache\cache.db
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS4\Support Files\Contents\Windows\AMT\application.xml

You'll be able to customize any individual application settings by applying a transform the the msi in question. (e.g. Changing the shortcut location for Adobe Dreamweaver)
Setup Information:
Setup Type: unspecified
Deployment Method Used: unspecified
Deployment Difficulty: unspecified
Platform(s): Windows

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