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Trying to do a simple xcopy of a single file from a network drive to a folder inside program files. The file in question is about 300k in size or so. The problem basically comes down to "permissions". I have tried to copy it to a user desktop and then move it, same issue. If I add myself in with full permissions, I can then move/copy the file. Same if I make a .bat and "run as admin". Funny thing is I have admin rights anyways, xcopy just does not run from kace as admin.

This file copy is nothing new other than before I used altiris 6.9 sp5 and it worked like a charm.

I can't just send it out and have users move it, they are all "Users" and have 0 admin rights. Also, being college students, they can't be bothered with doing something like that. /S

So, I am basically looking for a way to have kace run xcopy as admin, or some other method to copy this file using kace. I have a couple hundred machines to do this to so obviously going to each machine is going to take a long time.
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  • Within kace, are you running the batch file as a user with network access? If you run as a local service account, this has no network access and therefore cannot see the share. Also, are you using the full URL for the file, as you cannot use a drive letter unless it is first mapped for the user.
  • if you want to copy a file I would use File Sync for this (can be found under Distribution)
  • are these x64 machines
  • yep, network access. If I change the bat to copy the file to a user desktop, it works fine. It is the "run as admin" garbage that is fouling things up.

    Nico, I will look at file sync and see what I see.
    • it could come down to the client is calling the 32 bit version of xcopy from syswow and that will cause problems.

      see this answer:

      Got it figured out for both 32 bit and 64 bit change the install.bat: %windir%\Sysnative\attrib c:\windows\system32\grouppolicy -h -r -s %windir%\Sysnative\attrib c:\windows\system32\grouppolicy\*.* /s /d -h -r -s %windir%\Sysnative\xcopy Registry.pol c:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\Machine\ /q /y %windir%\Sysnative\xcopy gpt.ini c:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\ /q /y %windir%\Sysnative\xcopy "loudprint1-PC-printers.vbs" c:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\Machine\Scripts\Startup\ /q /y
  • http://www.itninja.com/question/xcopy-not-working-in-kace-script-works-in-command-prompt
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Use PsExec to elevate the command.
Answered 11/10/2014 by: jmarotto
Third Degree Green Belt

  • You can lose network access with this, specially if you use the wrong account to elevate.
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