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HI all, 

Me working as a Software Application Packager since couple of years in US, I just want to upgrade my knowledge and here in front of me 2-3 directions donno which one to choose, 

1) SCCM Admin - 

2) IIS Admin - Internet Information Systems

could anyone suggest me which is a good path to choose. I am hearing from some people after the Windows 7 migration our job market (Application packaging & SCCM) will go down something like that??  How much extent it is true? 

I am working as a contractor not a full timer.


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Application Packaging is an evergreen field. Software deployment methods will change but software packaging will always be there. Because every company wants customization based on their needs.

SCCM and Packaging go hand in hand. Get hold on to both of these technologies. Do not leave any and your options will be abundant.

Answered 07/31/2012 by: piyushnasa
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  • Very simple words from piyushnasa but very encouraging as well...

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Depends on who you want to work for.  You will find SCCM more in larger operations and Web services are everywhere.  You get a lot more of want-to-be's in the web market, since every one thinks it is an easy thing to do.  I have noticed more vendors are going to the web based "app" style so they are universal with every OS.

Answered 07/30/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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The most important thing is to pick where you are most passionate.  Working in IT requires an ongoing investment of time and effort to stay current - if you really enjoy your area of expertise it's a lot easier to spend the time after hours learning about new developments, fiddling with problems, studying for certs, etc.  The market will change; there's nothing you can do to change that.  Get involved in what you're most interested in, then when the market changes you'll enjoy learning about the newest technology to do what you love.

Answered 08/15/2012 by: Arminius
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