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I need to create a report on just the wired machines on campus and exclude all wireless. I have run the Network Info-IP address report and that has helped, but I would really like to only see the wired machines I have in my inventory including the machine name and IP address of that box.
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  • Not an easy one... a laptop can be using Wired... then 5 minutes later, the user goes to a meeting, he will be using Wi-Fi, and now the KACE Agent will see the machine using Wi-Fi.

    Unless you are using a different criteria, let's see of anyone has an idea.
  • It would be easier to segregate by subnet if you set your Wi-Fi network to serve it's own DHCP. There are far too many wired NIC devices to query for or wireless to filter out.
    • okay thank you.
      • for example, here we know that if the third octet is 133, those are AP addresses.

        So I just need to build a smart label to group every device using 192.168.133.x addresses, they are all using Wi-Fi

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