I've got a simple installation package (batch file) that copies 1 file to syswow64 and then registers it using regsvr32.  The package runs fine when executed manually or via an SCCM distribution.  However, when the package is included in a task sequence the file is copied, but failes to register with a "file not found", but the file does exist in the folder.  To make matters more confusing, the file cannot be registered manually afterwords when logged in as an admin, like some meta-data is corrupt.  If I manually copy the file from the orginal source into the folder it registers fine.  I've checked security, ownership, attributes, etc. but nothing seems to be wrong or have any affect.

Any ideas?


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  • How did you deploy the package ?
    you have to make sure to deploy it with the "Download from distribution point and execute locally" setting,

    It looks like the file isnt copied prior to its registration (therefore not found)
  • How is the file being copied?
  • SCCM can be fussy about paths. so make sure your batch file includes *every* path for *every* file, including %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32 for RegSvr32.EXE.
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