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What software do you use to create MSI packages?

Or do people avoid doing it this way and only use vender provided MSIs?
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Currently I use either Wise Package Studio 5 or Wise for Windows Installer.
With Wise studio I create the msi's via SetupCapture and I use the Windows Installer Editor to customize it to company standards.
Answered 08/02/2004 by: cduplessis
Orange Senior Belt

I use Wininstall and SMS Installer to do my captures and then either Wise Installer or Wise Package Studio to create the msi's
Answered 08/03/2004 by: MSIMaker
Second Degree Black Belt

Wise 4.62 to setup capture. I would use 5 if I had licenses... Really!

InstallShield DevStudio 5 for InstallSheild MSIs that need a special touch.

Orca for when life becomes hell and I just need to make a table edit without further compiler grief.

Wise 9 when I just can't setup capture the app correctly. Then port it to MSI with Wise Package Studio.
Answered 08/04/2004 by: kkaminsk
Ninth Degree Black Belt

I use Installshield Adminstudio pretty extensively, but also Wise Package Studio and WinInstall when required.
Answered 08/04/2004 by: plangton
Second Degree Blue Belt

We use WinINSTALL 7.5 (though may be upgrading to 8 soon) for capturing and creating MSI's and then we edit/validate them using ORCA MSI table editor.
Answered 08/08/2004 by: ab2cv
Orange Senior Belt

I use both Installshield 5.x and wise but have a definate preferance for installshield.
Answered 08/10/2004 by: oreillyr
Fifth Degree Brown Belt

Use Wise for msi files and generally use Setup Factory for executables
Answered 08/10/2004 by: boyfromoz
Yellow Belt

use install sheild admin studios to make and mod MSI's. however i will at all costs avoid using snapshots its very messy and you lose vendors support if they find out. so if the vendor does not have a MSI then use the exe and package up with the silent switch inside a MSI file. or use Windows Installer Wrapper Wizard to do it for you, its freeware and can be found at http://itninja.com/link/timbuktu-pro5
Answered 03/15/2005 by: clewster
Senior Yellow Belt

I use Admin studio6.0 for repackaging and creating custom transforms.
Answered 03/15/2005 by: msvkumar
Senior Yellow Belt

Wise Package Studio seems to be the preferred packaging tool among most of the companies in my city. I don't know of any using 5.0, except a local Federal Government Agency.

There are a lot of additional components available for Wise Package Studio 5. Some of these I have briefly looked at including the QA component.

Have other members used any of the add-on components available for Wise Package Studio 5, and if so, what have been your experiences?

Answered 03/15/2005 by: cannear
Senior Yellow Belt

Wise Package Studio 5.5 primarily. I have to admit though, I don't like dashboard utilities and and Like the basic interface of WFWI 4.x and Wise Installation System (installmaster I believe it was called?) before MSI, I used to package with SMS installer 1.2
Answered 03/16/2005 by: Toupeiro
Senior Yellow Belt