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what is the best practice to un/install all versions of Citrix Receiver clients using KACE SMA (K1000) to do these tasks? What are their parameters to do quietly or silently in the background?

Task1 -  I needed to be able to uninstall all versions of Citrix Receiver clients like from

Citrix Receiver (Enterprise) .. all the way to Citrix Receiver(USB) or any latest version, if possible.

Task2 -  After clean uninstalling, I want to do a push-install a newer Citrix Receiver LTSR_4.9.7000 clients, of course, KACE K1000 to do these tasks.

To uninstall for Citrix Receiver (Enterprise) versions, I can use this parameter C:\ProgramData\Citrix\Citrix Receiver (Enterprise)\TrolleyExpress.exe /uninstall /cleanup

To install for Citrix Receive:

    for old version 3.4.x:   CitrixReceiverEnterprise.exe /silent  /includeSSON SERVER_LOCATION="BVVNinstSrvr.citrite.net" ENABLE_SSON="Yes"
    for LTSR_4.9.7000+      CitrixReceiver.exe /silent SERVER_LOCATION="BVVNinstSrvr.citrite.net" ENABLE_SSON="Yes"

but it is NOT silently installs for LTSR_4.9.7000+  and get pop-ups dialog windows

Q1. How do I make it installing silently since these parameters are NOT the same anymore from old version 4.8.x or less  to the newer version 4.9.x (LTSR)?

Q2. What are proper parameters for the newer version if my old version using these: /silent SERVER_LOCATION="BVVNinstSrvr.citrite.net" ENABLE_SSON="Yes"

Q3. Also, for KACE, is there any way I can issue a command to remove everything under this folder:   C:\ProgramData\Quest\KACE\scripts\ ??

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  • I use the Receiver Clean-Up Utility to remove all installed versions.

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