Hi all.
Im just wondering what exactly ISScript.msi does?
Ive done some searching and am a little confused.
What is the difference between ISScript.msi and msiexec?
Is there a direct correlation?
Just one more question, Im trying to write a small vbscript
to determine if the InstallScript engine is present on a machine.
What exactly do I need to look for to determine if the engine
is present on a machine?
Thanks for any information,
Kind regards.
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ISScript.msi installs the installscript runtime which is basically a scripting environment like VB that developers used to use a lot for program installation. Now we have hybrid MSI's that use some installscript to install pieces of the program that aren't being deployed with the MSI. I'm not sure why you'd want to do a discovery of the Installscript MSI. I'd just deploy it with your dependant MSI and if the machine doesn't need it, the installscript MSI will know not to install.
Answered 02/06/2007 by: turbokitty
Sixth Degree Black Belt

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Thanks for the information :)
Basically the application I am distributing does require the Install Script engine, version 10.5 or above.
I have a small script that detects the presence of a particular file which I have embedded within my
Application as a custom action, but I just need to know what exactly to look for to detect if
Install Script Engine ver 10.5 or above is installed so that if it is needed, I can install it before
my application tries to install.
Many Thanks,
Answered 02/07/2007 by: shamrock
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I'm not trying to be difficult here, but I'm still not sold on your idea of detecting Isscript in a CA.
Maybe I'm missing something. Are you just deploying a vendor's MSI and that MSI automatically installs Isscript at install time? If that's the case, there's no need to detect if it's already installed as it does that on its own.
What app is it? What deployment tool are you using?

If you're absolutely certain you need to do this, you can detect the following file:
[commonfilesfolder]\Installshield\driver\1050\intel 32\idriver.exe
It should be version
Answered 02/07/2007 by: turbokitty
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Thanks for the reply.
Im deploying a vendor's MSI.
But you see, if Isscript is not present at install time,
a message is thrown up saying something along the lines of
"ISScript is not present on this machine, please run ISscipt.msi"
Also, since i want to deploy the application via Group policy,
and since its a silent install when done this way, I need to check
to see if ISscript is installed, otherwise the installation will fail.
Thanks again,
Answered 02/08/2007 by: shamrock
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Hi shamrock,
I think you're wasting your time checking for isscript ahead of time. isscript is an msi install so if it already exists on some of your boxes, it will detect that and not install.
What a lot of companies do is deploy the latest version of isscript to all machines when a new version comes out and then not worry about things like this.
In your case, I'd make a seperate GPO with the relevant (or latest, your choice) version of isscript and apply it to all of your target machines just ahead of your vendor msi.
Answered 02/08/2007 by: turbokitty
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Also note that there are different versions that must be present for certian installs. Some apps require that ver6 be present. If ver8 is already installed ver6 (because they have the same product number) will think it is already there. I have installed ver6,7,8,9,10,1050,11,1150 on all of our workstations to keep things up to date. recently with 1150 it seems microsoft has fixed the product code because no reg deletions were needed to install it. Just today I had to add ver8 to a machine that did not have it. Had to delete all instances of isscript in the HKLM in order for the install to complete. To determine what versions are installed go to c:\program files\common files\installshield\driver you will see folders named for each version instlled. If the version you need is not there you will have to delete the reg keys that refer to isscript then install isscrip.msi. You can just put this msi in the same gpo as the app, just add it first, it will install first. No need to wrap the isscript.msi in the app.
Answered 02/08/2007 by: dang574
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Thanks for the help guys!
Im convinced your approach is the more prudent and sensible path.
Thanks again
Regards. :)
Answered 02/09/2007 by: shamrock
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Hi shamrock,
please read the following threads:

There are Merge Modules (MSM) for all of IS-Script engines. With it, you can eliminate the extra MSI and integrate the engine install into the main MSI.

And this tread describes some of the problems with this beasts...

Regards, Nick
Answered 02/12/2007 by: nheim
Tenth Degree Black Belt

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