For a few years, we've been running our K1000 as a virtual appliance on a VMWare ESXi 6.0 host. We manage about 850 endpoints (mostly inventory, asset/endpoint management, software installs and patching). We're currently not using the Help Desk functionality.

Our virtual K1 has 4 vPU and 12GB of RAM assigned and all works reasonably well. When the prior admin setup the virtual K1, they imported it to our ESXi host as VM version 8. We recently worked with Quest support to correct some database schema issues to allow us to move from 6.4 to 7.1 which we completed recently.

My question for the audience....the Quest technician strongly advocated changing the VM version from 8 to 11 since we're on ESXi 6.0 but he couldn't really tell me why we should be doing it....short of saying that VM version 11 is the default when creating VMs on ESXi 6.0.

Quest documentation is somewhat short on what I'm gaining by changing the VM version level. Am I missing out on a ton of fucntionality by remaining at VM version 8?

Any feedback is appreciated!
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  • VMware recommends VM version 11 for ESX 6.0:


    A virtual machine does not power on.
    Some virtual machine operations are greyed out and unavailable.
    You experience unexpected behavior in a guest operating system.
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