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Hello all,

I have a batch file I'm trying to run as a managed install. The purpose of the batch file is to enable bitlocker on the target client. I've created an entry in the Software page with the associated batch file. When I run the managed installation, Kace copies the file to the client and runs all of the commands except for the manage-bde command. Can anyone tell me why this one command isn't being run? Here is the .bat file.

pushd %~dp0
SET MYFILE=C:\Windows\encrypt*.txt
copy nul > C:\Windows\encryptednov2018.txt
manage-bde -on C: -rp -encryptionmethod aes256

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  • I recommend pushing out a KACE Script instead, they are easier to debug....

    But anyway, if it's doing all the other lines, then it is doing or attempting the last one for sure.

    Probably it requires more permissions, Managed Installs are executed by the Local System Account... maybe if you could try a script using a Local Admin account.....

    Anyway, check the KAgent.log file located in ProgramData folder, look for your BAT name, and you will find possible causes.

    I am also assuming a -recoverypassword was removed from your BAT for obvious reasons, but its being specified in your script after the -rp switch, correct?
  • Thanks Channeler, I'll give that a shot and let you know the results.