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Can someone explain what does uptime hours measurement?  Is it measuring the time someone has logged onto the machine and actively using it?
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Uptime in the Device Inventory is how long it's been since the device last rebooted, as of the last inventory.  
Answered 10/05/2018 by: ondrar
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  • Thank you. When what does uptime for Date Range measures?
    • Where do you see that? I guess I'm not understanding the question.
      • This is in the reporting feature. There is daily amp connection time, uptime all time hours , uptime date range and uptime hours for date range selections.
For others' reference, those fields appear in the Device topic of a wizard-based report, under the heading of Daily AMP Connection Time.
I ran a report with those to determine what they measure.

Uptime All-Time Hours - This is the total uptime for the device, since its Inventory was created in KACE.

Uptime Date Range - This is the date range for the Uptime Hours for Date Range metric.  This can be set using the Uptime Measurement Date (ex. I set my report to > 10/1/2018, so it will be the uptime for devices since 10/1/2018)

Uptime Hours for Date Range - The amount of uptime for a device, based on the criteria set in the Uptime Measurement Date filter.  If this filter is not used, it reports all uptime, so it will be equal to Uptime All-Time Hours.

Hope that helps!
Answered 10/08/2018 by: ondrar
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