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Unable to run program in user context with PSEXEC

07/25/2016 1847 views
When I run a program in remote vm virtualbix machine windows 7 64 bit with psexec from my current machine.

It is working fine in system context.
C:\Users\kirud01>"C:\Software\application packaging\PsTools\PsExec.exe" -s -i -d "\\erwin-pc" -c -f "C:\Build\delete.exe"

But when I run the same in user context i.e., without -s parameter.
The screen is getting freezed in the remote machine.
Could you please help me on this.
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  • Don't know what is the difference, the remote machine also I have logged in with same domain credentials, so it is starting the app but freezing.

    But when I gave the same credentials again with -u and -p switches of psexec, the app is launching correctly.

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