When attempting to image Dell Optiplex 7060 and 5060 systems, after selecting the KBE and inputing our imaging boot authentication password, we would get the message http://<k2000_IP_Address>/boot/pxe_login.php ... Connection timed out (http://ipxe.org/4c0a6092)
Could not boot: Connection timed out (http://ipxe.org/4c0a6092)
Could not boot: Connection timed out (http://ipxe.org/4c0a6092)

I attempted to supply a username and password for boot authentication and still received the same connection timed out issue.
Turning off the boot authentication username and password allowed us to image. We would like to turn the boot authentication back on at some point.

Has anyone else been having this issue or issues with the new Dell Optiplex 7060 and 5060 machines?

We are on K2000 v 6.0.425 and have been using iPXE with many other images since the beginning of September.
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  • Are you sure this only happens with these two devices?

    Are they on a different Subnet?

    If you plug another model to the same spot it will go fine?
    (This is to make sure a switch is not getting in the way).

    These are new models... maybe see if they are already using the Latest BIOS version from DELL, stock versions from Wave 0 are not my favorites...

    If it works fine for others, maybe these BIOS versions are not ready for iPXE Boot manager yet?

    iPXE is an open source protocol, it does not care about brands or models, it pushes the boot files and it's up to the computer to process it accordingly.


    If any other Device or VMs are fine, then iPXE, DHCP, and the KACE are fine too... iPXE is open source, it works fine for my "wood PC" (A 2012 AsROCK mobo, with an i5 2500K and one module of RAM, doesn't even have an HDD).

    I'll start with a BIOS update
    • When I plug a different model into the same spot, it will image fine. It does not matter which network jack I plug into. I have tried updating the BIOS and the same connection issue occurs. Other models like the Optiplex 5050 and 990 image fine, so I don't think it is iPXE or DHCP. I think that these new models are some how throwing something back during the connection process that either Kace is not catching or is causing the issue.
  • We don't have any 7060s but I can confirm the same experience on the 5060s. Don't know if there are different variants for the network card on this model but ours came with the Intel i219v.

    We have been having this issue since around July when we first rolled out this model at one of our campuses. I have gone through the process of updating the BIOS with each new version that was released between July and now. With the latest version it now shows the MAC address when doing a network boot but it has not fixed the issue and were still presented with the Connection timed out.

    I have also gone through the process of rebuilding the KBE with the specific drivers (original version from July as well as the latest from September but that did not resolve the problem. We also tested putting it on the same VLAN as the server to see if it was a network communication issue. Following that, I put in a support ticket and we went through the troubleshooting steps to ensure the unit was functioning correctly.

    We also have Latitude 7480s that only boot UEFI similar to the 5060s and those work with no issues. At this point it looks like an issue with the BIOS on this model. It was suggested to give Dell Solution a call to see if we can get something working for this model but I haven't had a chance to do that yet.
    • Our 5060 has the same Intel I219v running a driver version from 12/27/2017. I have also tried updating the BIOS on the 5060 to the latest one (1.2.14) from September, but no luck. I tried a custom KBE, but no luck there as well.
      • interesting input, we were about to purchase a couple 7060s.... I guess I'll wait...

        Maybe something related to the NIC card... You may not want to do it.. but, I would try a PCI nic card to see if that works..

        Or or... some kind of USB-A to Ethernet dongle...

        @RayanPersaud, What did DELL say about it?

        EDIT: Found this googling around, but unfortunately, we don't have cisco Switches.


        Which states: * If connected to a Cisco switch make sure 'spanning-tree portfast' is enabled on the switch. Otherwise iPXE will fail establishing network connection.

        Might worth to try
  • Our environment is mostly switches and we did have our networking team double-check regarding spanning-tree portfast which we had this enabled from our previous imaging solution
  • I have been able to image the Optiplex 5060 with a USB KBE, but would to prefer that not be the default method for these models of machines. We have Juniper switches.

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Are you sure it is not a network problem.

If it is working with other machines, try a different port.

Answered 10/11/2018 by: akmagnum
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  • Imaging is working with other models. I have tried on different ports with the same connection time out issue.