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After the latest release we're seeing an issue where the Owner of the ticket is also in the CC list and is receiving two emails. Previously they would just get one. Is there a way to stop the duplicate emails.



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  • Have you checked the queue notifications? Are you using custom rules for notifications?
  • I'm not sure what you mean by queue notifications. The only rule we have in this queue is on ReopenTicket. I'm wondering if the Owner of the ticket, who is also in the CC list field, should receive two email updates.
    • In the admin interface, browse to Service Desk, Configuration, Configure Service Desk Queue Email Settings, Select the queue. Check the settings under Email on Events.
      • Thanks, I see that section and we have ticket CC selected. Should the owner still receive two emails though? This only recently started to happen.
  • Basically I'm trying to figure out why we're getting two emails per ticket for Owners on the CC list.

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