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I have a field in my Q's called Asset which is one of the default fields. However I can seem to find that field in the list when I try to create a ticket list layout for that Q. Am I missing something?

Regards Tony

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Asset field is there in the Customize Layout ticket fields section. Not sure if you are referring to something else.

Answered 12/11/2018 by: AbhayR
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  • Interesting. Asset field is not a custom field in our instance. It is one of the default fields when I create a new Q. I have double checked again and it does not appear in the fields available for the Layout tickets view. It seems to be the only field that is missing.
    • Please share a screenshot of the page where you are looking and what version of K1 is this?
      • I cut and paste a couple of screen shots. It is the only field that does not appear in the drop down for the Ticket List Layout. I have tried to find a reference in the manual explaining why this might be occurring
  • Ok. I was referring to "Layout ticket fields". There is no Asset field option on Ticket list layout. This will be a feature request I think.
    • It appears that no one can explain why this field has been left out. It is a default field when creating a new Q and every other field is available. There is not even a way to set a custom field to the same value and display it that way.

Layout ticket fields

Asset is not in the list of fields available when trying to add it to a list layout

Answered 12/11/2018 by: kiwiblue
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