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How can i create a text box that the user can make a suggestion of a kb on helpdesk?

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  • where you want to have the box? inside a ticket, on the webpage or where?
    • Knowledge Base Articles page (suggestion of a kb)
  • And what do you want to happen when they leave a comment in that box?
    • create automatically a ticket. The idea is for the user to use less e-mail and more the kace to create tickets.
  • Ok, so you are asking can I put a form on a ticket (yes) that a user can fill in with text (yes) when it is populated you create a fresh ticket for that user with the text as the title (yes), is that correct because I see no mention of KB article in your responses? ;o)
    • That text box would stay on the KB Articles page (on the users page) with the title "Have you a suggestion of a KB? Tell us" and when the user submit the text, automatically the kace create a ticket so we can check.
    • briefly, is this.
  • Ok, so no you cannot add any field to the KB article space of the enduser console, however you could add a useful link, that logs a ticket in a specific queues, from which you can transfer the ticket, create KB article etc
    • Ah, ok. Thank you for your attention and availability.

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