I have set up a patch schedule for all machines on campus and I have set the default timeout action to "reboot later".  Are these false positives being reported or is there something wrong with my configuration? Anything thoughts?

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  • The only thing I see that may cause it is that you have Limit number of Prompts set to 10. That means that he user can hit NO 9 times to reboot and on the 10th prompt the reboot will happen.
  • ...and you might as well get used to that as in the latest release there is no longer an option for indefinite reboot prompts.
  • Agreed with above comments. If you have the prompts limited to 10 at 15 minute intervals then the machine will reboot in 2 and a half hours automatically.
    • I get that the message will timeout in 2.5 hours because of the reboot interval but my "timeout action" is set to "Reboot Later." Perhaps I just don't understand what "reboot later" really does...
      • Reboot later applies to the timeout window option the user is presented. Since you chose the Reboot Mode to reboot (aka User Prompt) the systems WILL be rebooted one way or another. If you would like to have an option to prompt the user to reboot and then do nothing if the user clicks on "reboot later" 10 times you can submit a feature request to KACE since I don't believe the system can do that right now...

        From my take on this though, the system is meant to give the user a chance to save their work before the PC reboots. I have my system set up for 4 prompts every 2 hours. That gives the user 8 hours to save and reboot. That limit is set by our company IT policy.
  • If a user gets a prompt and they do not respond at all, KACE looks at it as I did not get a yes or no. That equates when it times out that no input=yes it will re-boot. Based on your information I suspect that may be happening.
    • That's madness. How does "no input"= yes. I think more accurately, you mean "no response" yes which is horrible. If a researcher is running a lengthy test that can go for weeks, we cannot have their machines forcing a reboot. Likewise, we can't patch them and have no "real" reboot prompt. Please fix this Kace. This is not the first time you're hearing this. This is a biggie for the Feds.
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