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What's the appropriate method to search for specific software and a specific version?

If I search for Software title contains PGP AND Software Version Number begins with "9."

It returns software titles with PGP and also any software by any name that begins with "9."

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It seems to work for me as I searched for reader and version 11. 

Answered 01/29/2014 by: nshah
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  • hmmmm... Thank you - That looks like the 5.5 search window.

    I'm still trying to upgrade to 5.5. I've been having schedule coordination, escalation and late response issues with Kace support. The 5.5. upgrade failed for me and they tethered it, but are hard to get in touch with. I'm happy to see that 5.5 shouldn't have this problem, but would you happen to have a suggestion for a poor soul stuck at 5.4 and not getting replies from Kace support? :-)

    I'm trying to find all machines with specific versions of PGP or Symantec Encryption.
    • Correct...I am running 5.5.90545.
      You might want to try using "beings with" or "does not being with" for versions and work that way to get a result.

      Can't help you on the support other then maybe getting your Dell Rep involved to look into it for you.
  • I'm looking for a way to group computers that are missing certain versions of certain software. I need to create a label that finds computers this way. The suggestion above is good, but it groups the software. And not in a way I can put the computers in a label.

    How can I create a machine label that finds "McAfee Agent" installs that are less that 4.8?
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