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Hi everybody, I’m having problems trying to deploy Snagit v.11 per user. I set ALLUSERS=2 and MSIINSTALLPERUSER =1 in the MSI properties. . Via the AD GPO I add only users to that GPO. Shortcuts appear and installation start when user start the shortcut, but only about the half of the files are installed!?. Snagit11 then doesn’t work. When I change the GPO software properties to “Install this application at logon” then the MSI file seems to got installed completely and Snagit works (almost) fine !!??? Any help/ idea?
How to distribute / assign / advertise snagit11 per user completely (and not per computer)? Any idea?
Thanks in advance!!!!

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  • Thanks everybody. I just set the MSI properties ALLUSERS=2, MSIINSTALLPERUSER=1 and choose the option “Install this application at logon†in the GPO software properties. MSI installs fine during logon... I think it’s OK this way. Thanks again!

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I'm curious with your need to install Per User - do you have multiple users of a computer but only one of them is licesned to use SnagIt?

I'd check with TechSmith to see if a Per User installation is supported - it's quite possible that they didn't conform to the necessary protocols when they created their package and it will only work with a Per Machine install.

Answered 09/27/2013 by: vjaneczko
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Hi vjaneczko, thanks for your answer. We have over 600 computers and 220 snagit licensed. My users move between computers all the time. And the organization policy is to make all application per user installed. Greetings

Answered 09/28/2013 by: bouwer
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Please reconsider this best practice in the link and inform your organization:


Answered 09/30/2013 by: dj_xest
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Would it be anything to do with the security of the user on the local computer? Not sure if it would try to install the software with the, presumably, standard user security that the staff have compared to the 'System' account. Have you tried running the shortcut with a test account with admin level security? Does it fall over as well? If it does it may point to the GPO, if it installs fully it may point to the staff security levels.

Answered 09/30/2013 by: alphabeta
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