i am getting this error :" "Error downloading signature for windows" in signature status in patch download settings.The network ports and URLs are required for the KACE K1000 to function are already opened in the network/firewall.How to troubleshoot this issue?

Kace k1000 virtual appliance version: 6.4.120261

Patch Download settings screenshot:

Patch Management screenshot:


Patch subscription screenshot:

Patch Download log:

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  • It looks like you created a ticket on this issue alerady. What's the last 5 digits of the license key that you are using? I can check to see if that key is still valid.
  • 0-QQD
  • i have already run diagnostic utilities to ping to all the websites that is required for patching.I have tried to download appliance activity logs,it is just going into loop and not downloading anything
  • The ping to the websites are successful.Don't know why appliance logs are not getting downloaded
    • I just checked and this is the status of your box.

      Last Status: 04/06/2016 11:48

      You're on 6.4 already. Can you do a manual backup, reboot, and do a manual patch download to see if that fixes your issue? If not, you'll want to follow up with your ticket.
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