Dear all,

I am currently investigating if i can replace all our dozens of servicedesk queues into 1 or 2 queues that cover all the load that the older ones do.

But to do this, i want the users to fill in the proper information in the ticket screen. Especially the Category field is for us really important. I am planning to make something like this:

Software::Microsoft Outlook
Software::Microsoft Excel
Software::Microsoft Word
Hardware::Mobile Phone

Nothing special here, BUT.... The users needs to be prompted with the values Please select one... in order to be sure that they really select what they need and what it is about. The only workaround that i have is that i add this value as a category value but that still means that the users can simply don't make a change to it and then log the ticket. Also applying a required property to this field does not make a difference.

Is it even possible to reach the above requirement? I really want to go to a 1 or 2 queues approach because i now have approx 20 queues and the maintenance is dramatic with so many queues. We only need to be sure that the submitters provide accurate information so that we are also sure that the reporting is accurate.

Many thanks for your replies.

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  • There is no way to make the nested value required unfortunately. Only the first choice is required and any drop downs after that don't need to be filled out.

    You create a rule in the KBOX that says if the leave it at "Please select one" after they save it to send them an email saying your ticket is incomplete please fill out all field for assistance..

    You could be really mean and just close the ticket and email saying " your ticket was closed due to incomplete fields. Please fill out ALL fields prior to saving"
    • This is how we do it, with a rule for a nag email for "missed" categories (both location and problem category). If I could get away with the mean solution, I would, totally. Picking things from a drop down shouldn't be considered hard.
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