[font="microsoft sans serif"]Hello!
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[font="microsoft sans serif"]I'm going to deploy Office 2003 STD with SMS 2003.
[font="microsoft sans serif"]Have created a transform with Custom Installation Wizard for machine installation.
I run installation and transform with the command "setup.exe TRANSFORMS=2003.MST /qb-" as recommended by the wizard.
[font="microsoft sans serif"]All customizations within MST look correct for the installing user but when I log in as another user and start Word (on start menu) no customization appears. A "self heal" is run on first click but it misses my MST for some reason.
If I go to control panel, add/remove programs and do a repair of Office 2003 it applies the transform, but only for the installing/repairing user.
[font="microsoft sans serif"]Tried running the std11.msi: msiexec /i "std11.msi" TRANSFORMS=2003.MST ALLUSERS=1 /qb
[font="microsoft sans serif"]I've tried Active Setup. It does the configuration at logon but no transform.
I've also merged the transform into the MSI (yes, I know, but for a test:-) ). Only standards settings appears. When not even this works, it really gets me wondering what is going on?! [:(]
[font="microsoft sans serif"]It's a standard Office 2003 folder with setup.exe, std11.msi and mst in the same folder.
All users are Administrators (for test). Windows XP SP3.
[font="microsoft sans serif"]
[font="microsoft sans serif"]Any ideas?
[font="microsoft sans serif"]Thanks in advance! [:)]
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After a little research I've found that the files I took over wasn't prepared as an administrative install. I'll hope that is the problem.
I'll report back!
Answered 02/01/2010 by: JonnyO
Senior Yellow Belt

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I'll hope that is the problemIt won't be...

What does the verbose log - which you hopefully specified on the command line - tell you?
Answered 02/01/2010 by: VBScab
Red Belt

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Yes, the log is over 8MB but I gave up on it since the MST works for the installing user/administrator. Here is the MST in the log.
Property(S): TRANSFORMS = C:\Documents and Settings\WPS1\Skrivbord\Office2003_Std_Swe_Sp3\Of2k3Std.MST
I would need a log of what happens when another user logs in. How can you do that?

I don't know what I should look for but I wonder what kind of MST is removed at the end of the log:

MSI (s) (C4:84) [15:02:34:712]: Attempting to delete file C:\WINDOWS\Installer\115e97.mst
MSI (s) (C4:84) [15:02:34:712]: Unable to delete the file. LastError = 32
MSI (s) (C4:84) [15:02:34:732]: Cleaning up uninstalled install packages, if any exist
MSI (s) (C4:84) [15:02:34:732]: Post-install cleanup: removing installer file 'C:\WINDOWS\Installer\115e97.mst'
MSI (s) (C4:84) [15:02:34:742]: MainEngineThread is returning 0
MSI (s) (C4:18) [15:02:34:752]: Destroying RemoteAPI object.
MSI (s) (C4:1C) [15:02:34:752]: Custom Action Manager thread ending.

This can't be "my" MST or?

However, I took the Office 2003 Std-CD and did a administrative install. I then did a new MST with Custom Installation Wizard and that do work across all users. I noticed the size of the "STD11.msi" differs slightly from that one I had problems with.
Answered 02/01/2010 by: JonnyO
Senior Yellow Belt

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