I am currently creating an mst for a vendor msi.User wants that selected features should be installed.I checked the .msi and it is installing all features.But if I install msi, the dialog boxes that appear while installation, shows that only 2 features are selected (though as per feature level all features are getting installed).This is very confusing so I did not change the feature level to get those features installed as my msi shows that all features are getting installed.Now, my mst should install only the ones that user wants.I am trying to pass ADDLOCAL via command line but still the dialog shows only those 2 features are installing.Please suggest.

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  • Could you say us which software is it ?
  • It is internal software used v=by the client : Rhapsody......
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Displaying the features for custom install is different from the installing the features, the display field in feature settings is set to not visibile for the other features that is the reason it is not showing all the features, install level decides weather feature needs to be installed or not and display field is used to display the features that user can select to install or not to install.


The number in this field specifies the order in which the feature is to be displayed in the user interface.

The value also determines whether or not the feature is initially displayed expanded or collapsed. If the value is null or 0 (zero), the record is not displayed.


  • If the value is odd, the feature node is expanded initially.
  • If the value is even, the feature node is collapsed initially.



An install level of 0 (zero) disables the item and prevents it from being displayed. A feature with an installation level of 0 (zero) is not installed during any installation, including administrative installations.

all features with an install level less than or equal to the value of the package's INSTALLLEVEL property are installed


Answered 12/03/2013 by: vinodmukka
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  • Thanks for your valuable inputs..That did clear few doubts I had.However, my main concern is how to I install the features that I want..as ADDLOCAL doesnt seem to work here.
    • So log the install with a verbose log and you'll see what each feature's Install level is. It wouldn't surprise me if there is a Custom Action resetting it, depending on whether certain conditions are met.
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