I found a vbs script to copy and clear event logs.It works fine on standard servers. But it didn't seem working ok on domain controllers. I have two issues:

1) I specially wanted to copy archived security logs. The archived logs format is archive-security-2013-03-12-60-45-89. It didn't work 

2) i used the task scheduler to run the batch file and vbs files to copy the event logs but it didn't run wll even I am a domian admin and run as a batch job enabled in GPO.


Any clue or suggestions???

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  • "It didn't work" is far too descriptive a summing-up so could you be a little more vague?

    The first thing to do in any scenario like this is to use ProcMon. Remember to filter out the processes you're not interested in, as PM's output is...verbose!
  • And a double post only invites chaos in answering options. http://www.itninja.com/question/scripting-vbs-1;
  • 1) how can the task scheduler sometimes ran and sometimes not on domain controllers
    2) vbs script won't copy the format: archive-security-2013-03-12-60-45-89.evt But only copy security.evt
  • Eveen: double post due the new member status , first didn't get approved and later approved. What chaos?
  • wouldn't be easier to copy the .evt file and then paste it into some location using a simple batch file? you could run this as a scheduled task too! :)
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