Hello All,

I did search for this, hear and in a bunch of other places. I don't know if its the wording I used or what, but I can't find an answer. I have been doing this for a long time, but somehow, this problem has avoided me until now.

I downloaded an exectuable from the internet. In particular it is the Windows Server 2003 version of Windows Script 5.7. It is not a terribly important component to update, but it's really bugging me. It has switches for silent install, but everytime it runs it stops and prompts for someone to interact. The message is the typical one you get when you try to execute a file you downloaded from the internet. Most of the MS components I have downloaded are either msi's or are self extracting compressed files, so I am running a file that was either compressed inside another file or I am running msiexec which is in turn using the downloaded file.

I can't seem to make the os understand this file is safe and stop prompting. If I relax the security on IE it won't prompt, but what kind of answer is that? I know it has to be some kind of flag in the files header, but I don't know what to change where or how to make it work? Surely there is a solution to this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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Get the stand-alone EXE and use that, by selecting 'Save this program to disk' and running that saved copy rather than selecting 'Run this program from current location' when downloading.
Answered 01/07/2008 by: VBScab
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Sorry, I guess I was not entirely clear on what I was doing. So here is a step by step.

I went to the Microsoft website and found the components I wanted to include in the image. Including the "Windows Script 5.7 for Windows Server 2003", which can be found here:


I clicked the Download button
I clicked the Save button
I chose a common location for these components
I clicked Save
When each download completed, I clicked Close

At this point I have all of the components so I added a script to install the components named 'Server2k3Tools.vbs'. Below is an excerpt from that script:

<- Begin Code ->
' Installing Group Policy Management Console
SendToLog "Installing Group Policy Management Console"
objShell.Run strWinDir & "\System32\MsiExec.exe /i " & Chr(34) & strScriptPath & "\gpmc.msi /qnr /norestart" & Chr(34) & " /qn /norestart", 0, True
' Installing Windows Script 5.7
SendToLog "Installing Windows Script 5.7"
objShell.Run Chr(34) & strScriptPath & "\ScriptEn.exe" & Chr(34) & " /Quiet /NoRestart", 0, True
<- End Code ->

Here is a capture of the folder contents:

Then I add the folder to Microsoft Deployment as an Application with the following Execution Command:

CScript.exe Server2k3Tools.vbs

Then I add the new application to a role, which is assigned to a Virtual computer
Next I boot up the virtual computer to the Microsoft Deployment LTI Windows PE Iso image
It kicks off the Microsoft Deployment process which partitions and formats the virtual drive, and starts the unattended install of Windows Server 2003 SP2 R2
When Windows is finished installing, it goes through the process of configuring some things. running windows update to install all of the security paches etc
Next it installs all of the applications I have added to that role
This is the important part. It starts the application which has that script and list of MS components to install. The Windows Script 5.7 is the last one in the list.
It installs each component perfectly. No prompt, no problems.
Then it gets to the Windows Script and it stops and pops up this dialog box:

See it here -> http://www.benfieldfamily.org/dialog.png

It says

<- Begin Dialog ->
Open File - Security Warning
Do you want to run this file?
Name: ScriptEn.exe
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
Type: Application
From: \\ServerName\Distribution$\Applications\Win...
[Run] [Cancel]

While files from the Internet can be useful, this file type can
potentially harm your computer. Only run software from publishers
you trust. What's the risk?
<- End Dialog ->

And it will not continue until someone interacts with it? I just don't know what to do to get it to trust this executable in the automated build process?

Again, if anyone has any suggestions. I would greatly appreciate it.

Answered 01/07/2008 by: rdbenfield
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Doh... I figured it out... feel kinda stupid now... it actually had nothing to do with downloading the application. That only seemed to impact it on the first computer I downloaded it with. From then on the problem was that I was running it from a network share. It doesn't seem to matter if you run it from the UNC path or map a drive. But if you copy it locally and run it, No Dialog!!!

So anyway, if you run into this problem... now you know what to do...
Answered 01/07/2008 by: rdbenfield
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